Is Jon Snow Dead for Good?

  • Steven - 7 years ago

    He will come back but i dont think as jon snow nuff said

  • michael nonju - 7 years ago

    Its obvious he'll return, but I think he actually died bcoz the stabbings were too much on him. If truly he's Azor, he will return. But if he doesn't then the mother of dragons should be the main creator in the movie

  • Bo Locks - 7 years ago

    It would just be too stupid and Lost-like for him to be dead, implying the creators are just making it up as they go along... What's the point of the whole storyline north of Winterfell then? Why Kill the Boy? What's next up there, the adventures of the Red Woman, the Oinon Knight and Sir Grumpy? Pointless. The more they insist that the actor won't be back, the more I think he will.

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