SPEAK UP: Do you agree with the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will you attend a high school graduation? 26 Yes, 91 No

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  • Tom Steedman - 4 years ago

    There is no way the Supreme Court should have gotten involved with this. I am not against gay marriage, as long as it does not lead to insane marriages (fill in your own insanity). When the government got involved with the bakery that did not want to make the wedding cake, they lost their entire business that had been in the family for generations due to a fine of 135 thousand dollars. That is the type of thing that caused a revolution that created this great country. Wake up folks the we work for the Government no longer do they work for us.

  • Joe Della Pietro - 4 years ago

    These OLD (job-for-life) people vote to speak for over 230 million people! Will they now force churches
    to perform religious marriages?
    Maybe there isn't too much difference between Russia and the U.S.

  • John Taylor - 4 years ago

    In his dissenting opinion Chief Justice Roberts lamented that the Majority opinion somehow insulted the
    Aztecs..........these Aztecs who sacrificed humans as part of their RELIGIOUS beliefs that human sacrifice was the highest form of karmic healing ! Go for it Justice Roberts !

  • Tom Bosko - 4 years ago

    These justices should not be appointed for life. There should be term limits. We have one Justice that falls asleep, another that sucks up to President Obama and another that flip-flops. Others that just vote the way the liberal majority wants instead of upholding the Constitution. They are tearing the very fabric of our nation.

  • William Kriebel - 4 years ago

    It's difficult to predict which will be the more destructive outcome, the impact on the institution of marriage, or the elimination of any thought that we are a constitutional republic.

    The vote SHOULD have been 4 to 3 the other way because two of the justices violated judicial ethics laws which REQUIRE them to recuse themselves from cases which they have pre-judged, and by officiating at same-sex "weddings," both Justice Kagan and Justice Ginsberg clearly showed pre-judgment and therefore HAD TO recuse themselves, but didn't. They NOW need to be removed from the court, since the Constitution says they can only serve with "good behavior," and this ethics violation is undoubtedly BAD BEHAVIOR.

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