Do you hate white people


  • Sheya - 9 years ago

    No, I feel like yall. I dislike white supremacy and white privilege; and, more and more I'm feeling irritated and exhausted by what's happening to us. This past few months, I felt so much pain to the point that I wanted to go and join one of those riots, and I mean riots, not protests, and risk dying. But I've come down from 10 and am back to normal and still don't hate white folks. It's just that I want my people to live, man. When I talk to SOME non-black folks, white and other brown folks, about what's going on and they turn around and justify a cop sitting on a 14 year old girls back, it pisses me off and it does make me feel more on guard and devalued. So I AM looking twice at white folks and feeling some kinda way about them; but I refuse to let anything or anyone corrupt my spirit with hatred. So I continous check myself and talk with friends to keep perspective.

  • Cici - 9 years ago

    I think you should have added "sometimes i don't like them though" as a third option.

  • elyce - 9 years ago

    Not hate-hate, but I do say this every day. Right now, white women are really working my nerves, it often appears they think everything is about them. They are the greatest perpetrators of the erasure of Black women. Further, they splinter off the support of Black men, leaving us that much more marginalized.

    I'm just tired of white people controlling the narrative in general and being deliberately obtuse to what is going on. I hate it took the ultimate of perfect victims for them to even care about us dying, nine saints at church on a Wednesday night. I hate that everyone is expected to hate the Boston Bomber that killed four people but Black people are expected to forgive a man that killed nine. I hate that it seems as if we require their validation of our existence to be seen on a collective basis. It's like Black Lives need a White Basketball Coach in real life.

  • Mike in London - 9 years ago

    Not sure if my vote counts, because I am one.

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