Did Obama deal with Jennicet Gutiérrez well?

  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    Obama is a way more understanding person than I would ever be. I would be like Chris Rock in Head of State every single time there was a heckler. I would yell "Security" and the Secret Service would yank them out of there.

  • Sheya - 7 years ago

    Academics on Twitter had me actually feeling sorry for her and her cause at first. But after all of the other clips you played, I could see that she was in the wrong and was out of line. Glad you broke it down Rod.

  • HC - 7 years ago

    Y'all gonna miss this dude when he's gone. Imagine what would happen if Obama did a Chris Christie one time? Secret service might lose their mind and tackle him instead.

  • JW - 7 years ago

    That nigga Obama is so good in dealing with these hecklers. But thats because he actually does care. When he's out of office some of these folks are going to get the I don't give a shit treatment which will involve getting snatched up by the Secret Service. I think though there is a legit chance that he has done so well with turning crowds and hecklers that other Politicians after him will try and do the same. Even if they just try and do the same that'd a good start. Obama needs to come out with his own TV network, clothing line, hair care products, whatever he can do, I'll buy em all.

  • Elyce - 7 years ago

    Gutierrez was not truly seeking to advance her objective. Her approach didn't allow for a constructive way to move forward. This was an event seeking to recognize achievements in the LGBTQ community and her actions overshadowed that focus. While she may have the support of all the lefty groups, she needed the ear of the President and/or his administration, which didn't happen.

  • Law3dog - 7 years ago

    Oh so good...What would have happened if President Obama's Anger Translator was there ?

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