Should the City of Vancouver introduce a living wage policy for its workforce?

  • Jordan - 6 years ago

    Maybe they need to look at what their workforce actually does. Which from what I have seen and also heard from people who work for the city, isn't a lot. And by that I mean that the whole joke about seeing city workers, one guy working and 5 guys watching isn't actually a joke. The whole system is totally embellished. The city could could cut down their personelle by 75 percent. But that would mean that the 25 percent they keep may actually have to do something. This whole thing is a joke. Government employees for the most part are lazy and take advantage of the system. It's disgusting. And for anyone who thinks they have a hard job with the government. Your more than welcome to come work with me for a private company for a day to show you what the real world is like

  • Ray - 6 years ago

    For the question to be balanced, it should ask what services are you willing to have cut or what taxes you are willing to pay more of to support this motion. I'm all for it, but everyone should know you can't get something for nothing.

  • MIKE - 6 years ago

    the mayor constantly does the exact opposite of what he was elected to do, work for the people of Vancouver, not raise his bloated payroll even more. If he wanted to be listened too try asking the people what they want instead of forcing crap on them, you are the worst mayor ever, please go away.

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