Did you enjoy the BET Awards this year?


  • Sheya - 8 years ago

    Yes, especially since I was tuned into twitter; I think that elevated the experience. But even without it....Kendrick had me tearing up, Tracee and Anthony had me dying, Diddy and Co. had me jigging, Tracee and Janelle had me thristing, and Kim had me clapping; like it was so good. I'm similar to Karen, culturally out of touch, since I have never watched an episode of Empire, but even that drip drop song got me hyped. Sorry, I can go on and on summarizing the whole show. But yeah, I def enjoyed the show and the celebration of my people and hope it continues to get better and better.

  • TanyaW - 8 years ago

    Yes. With the disclaimer that I am a little white girl, so take this opinion as you see fit, but I was disappointed that they didn't air some of the awards on the show. How can they not show Taraji P. Henson winning Best Actress?? Even if she wasn't there, dang. And, just as an aside, Janet Jackson's new single "No Sleeep" is SO freaking HOT! Love!

  • Yele - 8 years ago

    Didn't watch it, but loved getting the recap from Rod & Karen. You guys killed it

  • I'm Just Sayin - 8 years ago

    I loved the awards show this year. I feel like they keep getting better and better. They are way better than the MTV Video and Movie Awards in my opinion. My room mate went away for the weekend so she didn't get to see it. I told her that the awards were really good and she didn't believe me. Her boyfriend said they were trash and he hadn't even seen them. Sometimes Black people will down their own stuff just because its Black and therefore (in some people's opinion) it is less than other award shows. The MTV music awards (the only comparable Cable awards show for music) is nowhere near as good as the BET Awards. Its not as entertaining or funny. And honestly, BET just seems to cater to a wider audience age-wise. After you get past 23, I feel like MTV just doesn't work. There are new boy bands I don't know about, etc. Whereas, with BET, they always honor some icon or something which brings in older people. This year it was Smokey Robinson. Charlie Wilson and Patti LaBelle are always randomly showing up as well. To put it in perspective, BET honored Smokey Robinson and Janet Jackson. MTV last honored Justin Timberlake and Beyonce...the difference in age group is astounding.

  • LadyRock - 8 years ago

    Overall a great award show this year. I was a little disappointed with the Janet Jackson tribute; the 2001 MTV icon performances by Pink, Usher and Mya were better. Jidenna and The Weekend aren't for everyone, but I enjoyed their performances and am glad BET featured some non mainstream artists. Excellent job on the recap, I will be chuckling off the Tamar eye solo joke for the rest of the week.

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