Should Christy Clark have put the future of transit to a vote in the first place?

  • Graham - 6 years ago

    The majority has spoken. Plain and simple. doesn't matter what people think about forcing a tax through without a vote, the fact of the matter is that it pretty much can't be done now - oh wait, Christy Clark will do what she wants regardless.

    "First World Problems" :) - we are fortunate enough to live somewhere that has allowed an opportunity for a vote that could increase taxes.

    Now if only all that money they spent on advertising (trying to convice us how to vote) had gone towards better use - like say, for instance, transit planning and expansion...oh well...down the drain...just like our tax dollars funding advertisements trying to convice us how to vote.

  • Hard Truth - 6 years ago

    Typical left wingers with a superiority complex. The Majority didn't like this plan, and the response is it should have been pushed though without support and without asking. Boy you guys really believe you're soo much friggin smarter than everyone else. This entire article is nothing but sour grapes from babies who didn't get their own way. I know you're all used to Mommy and daddy giving you whatever you'd like, but drop the smug sense of superiority already. The tax didn't go through because it was a terrible plan from day one and 62% of the population realized it.

  • Carniver - 6 years ago

    > they don't need your permission to build roads...

    They certainly didn't need another sales tax to build roads either. Embrace the defeat and not whine about how the majority is wrong. anyway this is a dumb poll, to either side the plebiscite is a waste of money. Even us who support no loses with all the money wasted by mayors council (6 million to run their campaign and not on new buses!) and election canada costs. Christy Clark should not have allowed the mayors plan in the first place, she knew in advance that we do not favour another tax, otherwise she would have passed the law directly!

  • steve - 6 years ago

    "Better that than making a tax without asking."
    LOL too bad she didn't have the balls to implement the tax. they don't need to ask your permission to build roads, dams, pipelines, what makes you think your opinion mattered in transit? the vote was just a way for Clark to weasel her way out of making a difficult decision.

  • kidshah - 6 years ago

    Looks like the No side takes another one ;p

  • Mj - 6 years ago

    Better that than making a tax without asking.

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