Love it or Hate it? Stranger in a Strange Land
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  • Scott - 4 years ago

    This book took me from an initial high to a very disappointing low. In the beginning chapters, I felt like this book had a lot of promise. I found Mike to be a very interesting character. I liked Jubal and found his character to be interesting also. By the end of the book, I could not stand Jubal's long winded and supposedly witty conversation. The man never shut up and the reader was led to believe he had all the (correct) answers. The book began with action, suspense and planetary legalities and ended in a completely theological argument. Halfway through the book I was ready to put it down and try again later when I felt like arguing religion, but I pressed on. In the end I was disappointed in the book and the author. I have yet to see why this was the greatest science fiction novel ever, especially due to the fact that the novel lacks any sort of science fiction.

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