Are you okay with George Takei calling Clarence Thomas a "clown in black face"?


  • David Satz - 7 years ago

    I could do without the "blackface" part of Takei's comment, but I really object to his using "clown" as a negative epithet. I have two friends who are clowns. One works for a local hospital here in Brooklyn, helping children with life-threatening medical conditions. Both take their work seriously and have put in a lot of study and preparation to become qualified for it.

    It should be enough to say that Justice Thomas is so ideologically bound that he can't see the reality of people's lives, and is unfit for the Supreme Court for that reason along with Justice Scalia. Also, I watched his confirmation hearings back in the day, and I believed Anita Hill's testimony then, and still do. While her politics seem to be fairly conservative, I would still much rather see her on the Supreme Court than him. Maybe that can happen some day.

  • AJtheEngineer - 8 years ago

    This was a tough one, but I can't stand Clarence so I'm ok with the slander since George apologized. Somebody had to call Clarence out, but it could've been done better. Having said that, Clarence does seem to wish he could wash off that black off his skin so I don't mind some of the comments being said about him. I guess I'm petty.

  • Ratty Gadsen - 8 years ago

    You can call him the pubic hair on the coke can of America's highest court--but don't call him a clown in black face.

  • I'm Just Sayin - 8 years ago

    This one is hard for me. Clarence Thomas is a horrible human being who is absolutely blind to the black experience in some ways because he feels like, because he was able to succeed, there is no institutional problems.

    George shouldn't have said "black face"...cause although he is a minority (a minority that has faced horrible discrimination based on being gay and Japanese i.e. family was directly affected by internment camps) he doesn't have a direct connection to the black experience.

    On the other hand, Clarence Thomas's dissenting opinion brought in race when it mentioned the dignity of slaves despite being considered chattel. I think Clarence Thomas brought that up because he was acting out how Fox News and other outlets likes to trot out their token black person to excuse their racism and bigotry. His dissenting opinion was almost like a slight that slavery wasn't so bad because those people still had dignity and the government couldn't take that away. And its okay because a BLACK guy is saying it. It was wrong on so many levels. George shouldn't have said what he said, but dammit, I know what he meant. I am glad he apologized though. It shows how he is a way better human being with empathy than a lot of other people. He was just too passionate and spoke without thinking things through. His ability to apologized and understand how he crossed the line is alright with me.

    Now if George insulted Clarence Thomas by calling him a blind, egotistical hypocrite that is in denial of the major aspects of the black experience and panders to a conservative base that cares very little about his racial well as disgusting (because pubic hair...ew!), than I would have co-signed that ish.

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