SPEAK UP: Should New York do more to keep businesses from leaving the state? YESTERDAY'S: Did you attend an Independence Day event this weekend? 47 YES, 77

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  • tom m - 4 years ago

    How much money was spent for the safe act? of 33 mil. so far
    how ever the GOV is going to back down because the other 100 mil and the CCW re sert going to cost 60 mill, the state does not have, the money and how many people have been shot in PK oh wait SHUT UP! hi gas tax oh the t way here how they spent your money getting there SUV clean wash and wax at the detail shop on rt 52 and i went out shopping for a can of planters almost 5 bucks.........for a little can. SHUT UP! just wait to ombam care and 15 bucks hit,,,,,,,,,,good by more jobs

  • About To Leave NY - 4 years ago

    Given the tax load required to feed, house, care for, and incarcerate the underclass to whom the politicians have sold out, there is nothing about NY that would be attractive to business.

  • R. Fernandez - 4 years ago

    I believe the state should entirely do away with PILOTS (payments in lieu of taxes) and turn
    to tax credits with the ENFORCED requirement that whenever a job is moved or eliminated,
    the business must pay back what was given them. (What fool wouldn't take free money
    (PILOTS) without any conditions or restrictions?) To that, in order not to hold businesses
    "hostage," add reduced utility rates developed and owned by a public-private partnership
    working with existing SUNY engineering and science programs for solar, wind, nuclear,
    and/or geothermal sources. Throwing good money at a situation, without making any
    changes when needed, makes no sense and obviously isn't working.

  • John Doe - 4 years ago

    NY will go the way of Greece and Puerto Rico eventually.

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