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What do you use for your daily hours of service logs? (Poll Closed)

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  • Peggy Showalter - 9 years ago

    We are in the fireworks business, so basically we only run 1 tractor-trailer approximately 10 times a year. The majority of that 10 times is from June 15 through July 6.
    From June 25 through July 6, we run 2 additional trucks with each making an average of 8 trips each.
    ALL deliveries are done within a 4 state area.
    We find this unfair that we will be required to purchase an ELD for each of our vehicles. HUGE expense for a SMALL operation.

  • Walter - 9 years ago

    In over 20 years of being out here,I prefer a paper log.I had an elog for about 6 months and I quit after they put them in the truck.You lose any kind of flexibility in your schedule with an elog.You drive when your tired and have to rest when your not.For years I've parked and waited out rush hour traffic,because you really don't make anytime in bumper to bumper traffic.But with an elog you have no choice.I also remember days when I had time to eat/shower,or cover some distance.But not both.You don't worry about that crap with a paperlog.Besides,if they would make everybody safer because everybody was in compliance 100%.Then why is it that the majority of the mega carriers who use elogs,cause most of the accidents?

  • JPMINN - 9 years ago

    I put a decal on the outside of MY truck, (I am an O/O) that sais; Driver Using Paper Logs.

  • paul - 9 years ago

    I think the owner op's should do what ever suits them best. that is there truck they should be able to use what ever they want to.. but as for the rest of us the QUAILCOM has been the best tool for fuel economy and for keeping a driver and truck in check it can not be beat. instead of a driver sitting there for a half hour trying to figure out his hours and wasting his personnel time and maybe making a mistake or two that can and will cost him a big ticket and maybe even get him suspended . its better to use the QUAILCOM. but not some of the other electrical devices lick the 10 or so inch tablet with people net but the real QUAILCOM . but with the now traffic that lets you know what the traffic is a mile or so down the road and the best trucker map that can warn you that the there is construction ahead of you. and has the perfect pinpoint map for directions one can have. they do have it it is there they keep track of driver time and half hour warnings that your time is approaching so that you do not make the mistake of working even one minute over your allowed time of driving. they are very handy as long as they are updated. they can and will and do keep the driver and the truck and the company from big mistakes and they keep things running smoothly I have used paper and people net and QUAILCOM but the QUAILCOM beats them all and it keeps me and my company and my truck all safe

  • Randy H - 9 years ago

    Through roadside inspections, the FMCSA website proves that a very small number of drivers regularly violate the hours of service rules. To require every truck to have an electronic log is completely unnecessary. The added expense simply isn't justified. How about the government require every car to have an ignition interlock device because there have been drivers who drive while intoxicated? Before they push this ELD thing through, I would suggest every truck required to have a transponder that the states can monitor at ports. I think this is just a way for the large carriers to push the smaller ones out of business. Many big companies use dispatching software with ELD technology built in. I still dispatch my 4 trucks using cell phones. Give the driver the load and let him decide when he's safe to drive.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Exactly my feelings Roo , very well said !!!

  • Jim - 9 years ago

    I use paper, I've been driving for 30 years without incident and I am one of the many I'm sure who will never drive with an electronic logging device. My last day as a driver will be the first day the government requires me to install an electronic "ankle bracelet" I am not a criminal I've done nothing wrong and I deserve to be treated as such.
    If the large carriers want to use them by all means let them.

  • Roo - 9 years ago

    I do paper logs!!! I don't want the expense or hassle of electronic logs. I don't need the gov't in my business any more than they already are. I think it's the big trucking companies who want control too. They want to micro manage their drivers. Okay with me BUT leave me alone. I drive when I'm alert and sleep when I'm tired. How can someone in an office know when it's best for me to drive. I own the truck. I take care of the truck. Why would I want to wreck the truck? Common sense is what is lacking today. Leave me alone and let me do my job!!

  • Eduardo Ramos - 9 years ago

    Brice I totally agree with you. I personally my self fell so devastated that by the time who does the work just get so little just because so many BROKER/CARRIER have to touch 1 single FRT. I have 1 more month in this business, as of August I no longer & O/O

  • Gary Dahlgren - 9 years ago

    I run for a private carrier in a team operation
    We leave one day and home the next
    These new rules and equipment that are being pushed seem more to sell whatever product the lobbyists are working for than actual safety.
    When I look at the results of these studies they are doing it seems as we want these results so set it up so we get them.

  • Brice - 9 years ago

    The real problem for me is how would a 1 truck operator like me it operates under the authority and it just barely able to get by now going to pay for and maintain what sound like a very costly. Too many fingers are getting into the pie now expenses go up rates go down does not leave a great big slice of pie for the person doing the work and caring responsibilities of being a safe driver sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it.

  • Trucker X - 9 years ago

    The company I work for uses a Qual-Com electronic logging device, but I also do a regular paper log that I hang on to 'till the end of the month. Been doing the paper logs for years, no big deal.

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