Do you like the 'Pixelated Skyscraper' proposal?

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  • michael - 3 years ago

    Amazing design. Just what we need here in Vancouver after too many years of the status quo. 60 stories is not high enough; we should be allowing more density - not less. Real-estate prices are already too high & building up is the most immediate solution. I love the recent addition of new ideas - with fresh, international tasted/design; it will only add to Vancouver's beauty. We could also add micro dwellings to the list of approved & alternative revamping that needs to happen to our outdated, archaic, city zoning laws...

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    I like the design, but why does it need to be 60 stories high? That's crazy when the Shangri-La and Trump Towers aren't that tall.

  • Fred - 5 years ago

    I love skyscrapers, I like the idea, but why only make the tip 10% of the tower look interesting?

  • Sarah - 5 years ago

    We don't need to densify. We don't need a million people to come to our province. We need to population control as an environmental measure. There is enough climate change, traffic jams, noise, and other pollution problems in the world including here in Vancouver.

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