Tina's Look Is


  • withaC - 9 years ago

    dress doesn't fit properly; bottom of breasts are showing :/

  • Ms.Fon - 9 years ago

    Really hang it up. Stop trying to be your daughters and be u. You are a beautiful woman who has daughters, grand children. Noy saying you have to cover up everything but embrace your age. Let us know that aging is not bad. But keep tour style with your age. Your style should mature with you.

  • Ivy Haygood - 9 years ago

    Of course Tina looks great in that red dress, with red being my favorite color. Just because we are of the senior citizen age does not mean we have to look like it. I am 65 and I get plenty of comments such as, "You don't look 65," or younger men trying to talk to me. Now, about Tina's husband, I think that if he would get rid of the grey beard that he too, would look younger (although there is nothing wrong with him), but the grey needs to go.

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