Do you think elected officials should fully fund Guam Memorial Hospital? (Poll Closed)

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  • Anonymous - 6 years ago

    personally, I do not trust GMH. anyone who goes there somehow gets worse. a new facility, new staff, and more up to date machines would really help! the staff needs to take better care and watch ICU patients carefully! don't leave them there for a whole 30 minutes without being checked!! that's why it's called INTENSIVE CARE!! get your act together GMH. you're supposed to give us hope, not take it away!

  • Ed"sharks" Cruz - 6 years ago

    i think that GMH should be funded properly to provide adequate health care as long as reasonable collection procedures are adopted. Full Compact Impact reimbursement should be collected. If not, then services to these migrants should only be limited as long as funds are available. But of course, there should be no turning away of life threatened patients. They should also seek alternate means to serve Compact Impact immigrants such as referring them to military health facilities. The Guam Legislature should enact options for charter urgent care and in patient health services at privately owned facilities.

  • Michael Stoil - 6 years ago

    GovGuam should fund effective health care rather than paying for a crumbling building and the privileged few who work there. Our tax money that now is used to support a third-rate hospital could be used to provide care for the uninsured poor of Guam: in doctors' offices and clinics, in the new private hospital, and--when needed--in off-island surgery and specialty care. Making such funds available to pay for any willing and competent health care provider rather than a small number of hospital employees would mean more efficient and effective care and would encourage more specialty clinicians to work on Guam. We shouldn't have families begging on the roadside for funds for necessary off-island treatment that our "free" hospital" can't offer.

  • Alandro Cruz Moniz - 6 years ago

    What GMH really need is to "Update its facility and staff!". A complete inventory of its equipment that are probably obsolete or no longer useful. RN and assistant Nurse staffs that are not updated with training and certified with their daily assigned profession, have interns and resident Doctors side-by-side with every patient. As I am a cancer survivor I notice all the staff involved with my treatment on a daily basis that GMH does not have to its patient, that I have visited and noticed on their 24-hour schedules. GMH needs to shake out the cobwebs. It was really embarrassing at one time I was admitted at GMH for 2-weeks no one could diagnose my ailment that I had to finally resort on our islands "suro-hano" to treat and cure my ailment. It was then that I had to decide to sacrifice and move my family off-island for better health care. A decision I was bless with for 15yeas as hear and see my friends and "young" family member passed-on for their ailments that would have been prevented. GMH don't need fully-funded it needs fully-UPDATED.

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