Who should be picked for the second Ashes Test?


  • Jubba - 7 years ago

    Watson has had the most chances via selection of any Australian cricketer in the modern era at test level.
    Its time to move forward and remove him from test cricket .However, one day cricket and tip and run
    ( 20/20) may still be viable for Watson's selection for Australia ,

  • Rob - 7 years ago

    Nearly 10 percent of people voting are clearly England fans. Very funny.

  • lachlan - 7 years ago

    The selectors need to get off Watson's dick. He's had his chance, time for some new blood to step in. He's just dead weight at this point and has done fuck all to deserve selection.

  • Trevor - 7 years ago

    Ha ha - 250 votes by Pommies!

    Come on pick Watto again - love love love seeing that front foot planted and the reviews wasted.

  • jen hollingbery - 7 years ago

    Personally I would like to know which one of the selectors Shane Watson is sleeping with ? I mean he must be to keep retaining his side in a squad, and to keep under performing so handsomely. He should have been dropped years. Watson as an all rounder is a joke, he's always injured and never bowls much, so how can he be an all rounder. To add to that the ridiculous amount of money he is paid in a year, over 4 million dollars are you kidding me? Hey give me a game at that money because I can do just as badly as that, and at half the salary. Retire Watson, you're hopeless mate, stop keeping another up and coming cricketer from earning his cap.

  • Andy - 7 years ago

    Give Watson one more go, making it very clear that he needs to perform or he's out. I guarantee he answers with a century and a bag of wickets. If Mitch Marsh desperately needs to come in he should replace Voges.

  • Robert Spark - 7 years ago

    155 people have managed to avoid seeing the last five years of Test Cricket?

  • KK - 7 years ago

    When Marcus North was dropepd, who at that time had more centuries than Watto has and could also bowl some overs, it was seen as understandable, based upon his inability to regualrly score fifties and hundreds, or even consistently stay in for a length of time. If the same criteria applies to all players, Watson must be dropped, especially as there is a ready made replacement waiting, who a) has scored 2 centuries on this tour, b) bowls faster and with mroe wicket-taking potential, c) averages 50 in first class over the last seasons, and d) is 23 so actually HAS potential, rather than a 34 year old who is pernially injured and an under achiever. No more WattoLotto, lets go with HarshMarsh1

  • Nick - 7 years ago

    Performance is the only criteria if Australia wants to win the Ashes.
    That is the only criteria for selection.
    Players not performing should be given the option to step down gracefully. It's UN Australian to not step down when your holding the team back.

  • david - 7 years ago

    Perhaps it might be time to change the selection panel as well. Perhaps the coach if he thinks replacing watson is lineball. It is as clear as shane watsons pads to the english bowlers

  • RLV - 7 years ago

    Shane Watson is selfish to continue his Test career and his motives of playing on appear to be motivated by financial benefits rather then the team. With limited time to earn a high level wage/salary and when your career is at a end it would suggest that Watson squeezing as much money out of Cricket Australia. Australia needs to play younger cricketers with talent and not blood or continue with 30 plus age players with limited time to contribute to test level cricket. It would be strong start to have the 20/20 Australia team as a under 26 only team to help unearth players on a global stage. Why was not Joe Burns in the test squad....what about other players performing well at state level. Lehman has had short term success as coach but a failure of this ashes and a bad summer this year may spell the end...Justin Langer would be the best coach to lead the next generation of younger cricketers on the world stage.

  • Pierre Esber - 7 years ago

    Put him out to Pasture that's Watson he has had his day never really performed time to move him on . Bring in Marsh it's really a no brainier .

  • Marty - 7 years ago

    This is really a no-brainer. Watson has had ample opportunity over the years to cement his place in the test team, but he just keeps failing. He has no real all-rounder zip or power any more. Marsh brings form and an x-factor to the side particularly with an injury cloud hanging over Starc. It will be 0-2 after Lords a b d goodbye Ashes if Watson plays & Marsh misses out again in the second test.

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