Should the B.C. government be selling our groundwater to Nestlé?

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  • Diane - 4 years ago

    I am a little confused about citizens being put on level 4 for water restrictions When we have foreigners siphoning millions of gallons of water from our precious resources Selling our water ? How is it possible ? To sell our water without apparently much thought on the matter Even while droughts such as this these foreign corporations have No restrictions What happens if those resources run dry Do you believe these companies will still employ our people NO they will pack up those people will still be out of work and we will be short of one major resource

  • Barry - 4 years ago

    Metro Vancouver uses 1.4-billion litres of water a day. Nestle uses 265 million litres per year. That's 0.00072 billion litres/day. The aquifer that Nestle is tapping into is not connected at all to the GVRD water supply (it's up by Hope). So completely shutting Nestle's bottling operations down would not increase the GVRD water supply by a single litre. Even if you did run a pipeline out to Hope to bring that water to Vancouver, it would only increase the available water by 0.0005 % per day -- so water restrictions wouldn't change one bit. But you throw out of work all those people working for Nestle that bottle the water and transport it. Vote against Nestle if you just hate bottled water, but please don't pretend it's going to make one bit of difference to the GVRD water supply.

  • sue - 4 years ago

    I pay more for my water. I am a single lady in my 50's We have to pay taxes etc. Nestle should not be allowed to do this. Nobody should. Keep this resource for our own people. Shame on the Government....unless of course they are getting something out of it. Would't doubt it for a second.

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