Which of the following best describes your view of the proposed mandate for electronic log use?


  • Bobby Bowrers - 8 years ago

    I 'am totally against it. Why invite the government to sit in on all of your trips and monitor your company activity in regards to our lanes. WE NEED TO HAVE A TRUCK SLOW DOWN NEXT WEEK MAYBE INTO THE NEXT YEAR.

  • damon shimp - 8 years ago

    Well I look at it like this look for everything to go up from milk to toilet paper. The only thing nice about the new law is I will be out of the industry. I bet the driver shortage will be even bigger. But they will bring in more bosnians and Russians in and I hope to god the fmcsa families are the one these idiods kill, because eobrs will ruin the lives of many americans.

  • Doug Hazen - 8 years ago

    I have been on the open road for longer than most drivers in this country . Over the years I have seen a lot of changes some for the better most for the worse.what the DOT control freaks never seem to understand is that there are many many different ways all the different kinds of trucks have to operate depending on the kind of trucking biz they are in.Funny how all the rules seem to be right in line with what the big co. who lobby the DOT have asked for. Why cant the DOT understand there is no fits all rules they can make to be fare to us all.I would have to agree that money has more to do with the passing of most of their rulings. And an E-log has the same info on it as a paper log.But some DOT control freak will no doubt get a promotion and a raise in pay for justifying his or her own existence while we the truck driver must jump threw the hoops and obey the dictators once again at our expence of coarse.

  • Tommy W - 8 years ago

    I am not against e-logs only if we could go back to some of the previous logging procedures regarding breaking up rest periods etc. On a weekly basis I currently stop and sleep for 1-2 hours rather than drive through Atlanta or other large metropolitan areas during it's peak traffic periods or break up my 10 hour break to avoid such jams (not currently legal of course but the safe and more practical way of doing it). E-logs are needed to keep Johhny Ringos from driving 14 hours straight after taking the load for $150 less than I bid for it to do it reasonably legal in the current system only for them to get it there faster and completely illegal.

    It also keeps dispatchers and shippers in check when it comes to making up lost time or for promises given for delivery appointments not practical. Combine safety, accountability, and practical time management into an e-log mandate and the approval numbers will reverse themselves.

  • Stuart holley - 9 years ago

    I do not like any of my freedom taken from me and I feel the old system has worked great. I believe the ones who r for its mandate r trying to slowly take complete control of the industrhy.
    I'm not stupid or ignorant & it seems the powers that be seem to think people who r not in government r .
    It has been proven though government logs of keeping up with the % of crashes it is approx 70 80 % the cars fault but thus proposal is trying to implicate the drivers r fatigued pushed to the point of making unrational decisions( there exceptions) but as an overwhelming fact thus statistics it is the short once in a while fourwheeler the impatient person who wants to be 1st these r the ones who need to be logged eletronicly.
    Don't u see no check on the safety of there vehicle no check on the 1 driving drive 3,4 days no break at all except a cat nap in the rest area or parking lot no wonder they r the biggest % of at fault accidents.
    This a known fact but the government try to ay everybody stupid well news flash everybody's not.
    I believe it is all about how much money the government can appropriate and still not make the majority of the voters upset.
    If it is for safety then why on cold &rainy days and most nights the inspections r not as frequent?
    If we r going to do this for safety the let's do it for that then after a short period of time all the commercial vehicles will be in compliance not because u have made them but they will see it is the only way to do it rite and those that don't do it rite will hang there own self thus disqualification.
    It is simple follow the guide lines that r simple and reachable or park ur commercial vehecle .
    I can't stand someone to tell me u need to go to bed .
    Think about it I was child but then I left childish things behind me .
    If I'm sleepy and endangering someone well I feel u should not be behind the wheel because u should have enough common sense to know tell load is not worth a life or injury or property damage.
    This proposal is just another way for the government to get more revenue
    Under the guise of safety .they may have the general public convinced of this lie and that's what it is but there r some of us out here that know what the real deal is and it is called revenue.
    Mandates r put in place to seeming show that those that come up with feel like they have to prove that their job is needed not just something they were given because who they r or who they know!!
    Totally against any mandate.

  • James Taylor - 9 years ago

    I left the military in 1992 and started driving trucks. Back then it was 10 hours driving, 8 hours off, 70 hour rule and you could stop and start the clock at any time you felt like you needed a break. All this e-log, 14 hour rule, 30 minute mandatory break after 8 hours is nice on paper, but does nothing to add to the safety of trucking. Trucking was just as safe, or safer, under the old rules. After all; who is better able to understand how their body feels than the person behind the wheel? These rules force you to push harder in the shortest amount of time, due to the time constraints of the 14 hour rule. Well, let's call it the 13 1/2 hour rule, now that the dreaded 30 minute mandatory break has been added. And why was it added? Because accidents actually increased with the introduction of the 14 hour rule. so this band aid is suppose to make up for stopping and starting the clock, based on each driver's own judgment. Based on how each driver feels, mentally and physically. You cant regulate safety on that level and scale. If we are trusted to roam the road with 80,000, plus pounds of machinery, based on a CDL license that justifies our knowledge and skills to perform, then we should e deemed competent enough to make judgments on safe conduction of the profession we have chosen for our livelihood. Resend the 14 hour and mandatory 30 minute break rule, forget the mandatory e-log crap and get off our damn backs, PLEASE; and allow use to the the jobs that we do out here, and that has been going on longer than the CDL has been in effect.

  • Tommy Alicea - 9 years ago

    E-logs were developed as a punishment for companies who violated the HOS rules. So now we are all punished for the violations of the few

  • dalas medley - 9 years ago

    all they have to do get from app times in make a 8 hour window and gave the 10 hour in the sleep in any order to sleeper so he can sleep not because the clock says soo

  • tony godsoe - 9 years ago

    working with e logs is so much easier than paper when going through a scale if the truck has an e log decal the driver is usually waived on by, it causes the driver to plan better where he will stop for the night etc. Companies will also have to plan better and have shippers and receivers comply with the HOS of the driver in essence the industry is changing in order to attract this generation of tech savvy drivers, As drivers we give away too many unpaid hours to the industry so why not stop at the end of the work day when it tells you too stop. 11 hours on the road is long enough for any driver to be out there.

  • Copperhead - 9 years ago

    I had a Qualcomm with electronic log installed in my truck 3.5 years ago. Main reason was to see if I could actually be profitable using one, organize my situation around the elog, before any mandate came along. I like it. I would not want to go back to paper for any reason. But, that being said, I am firmly against any mandates. I do not believe in forcing this down people's throats. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using electronic logs. Each operation is different. I can use it as leverage against shippers and receivers, as something to counter some ambulance chasing lawyer if the need arose, and I don't have to worry about all of the little goofy stuff that an LEO can nail me on. Like failing to sign the log or some other rot just to play games.

  • Button Bourne - 9 years ago

    After running ELDs for 6 months who ever thought up this damn needs to be kicked in the 3 times a week for the next 20 years they!!! They make you more tired an stuck in more traffic if every body goes on ELDs there will be a lot more an bigger traffic jams!!!!

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