Do you support Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for President?


  • Bogey - 9 years ago

    Even if he turned out to a really crappy president, it'd be an upgrade...

  • lennie phillips - 9 years ago

    i heard he would pick oprah winfree for a running mate if thats true i would not vote for him .NO WAY

  • Carolyn Weed - 9 years ago

    There are still too many topics that Mr. Trump has not commented on. He says he has ideas for health care, we need those details... total transparency. Also, we need to know, if he has any plans if Obama declares martial law... there are just too many rumors about that issue. So, if O did declare martial law, does Mr. Trump have any plans of actions? Supporting Mr. Trump could alienate those currently in power now. What plans does he have to dissuade the current fear of government? Also, would he consider Mr. Carson for any important roles? And how can he assure those receiving benefits from Obama, that their benefits will improve? Lots of questions.. need the answers forth coming..

  • Walter Dempsey Jr. - 9 years ago

    Mr. Trump, I've been pulling for you for a long time, even before your Reform Party run! I know you're the best man, person for the next a way I'm glad you didn't make it then because America needs you desperately now!i have convinced people who don't have clue about politics that you're the man! Donald, it's a shame about how ignorant and unconcerned ALL of my friends are about what's taking place in our Administration. One friend the other day said, "don't get me wrong Obamas doing a great job," I said "WHAT". Proceeded to fill him in. So many people just don't care, I tell themto at least care for your children and Grandchildren. But I try to educate people about the truth and how the Liberal Mainstream Media is briefed by Obama and his staff on what to and not to report to the American public. They are bought and paid for, most of the main stations are family owned and controlled what we know. There are Scandals that are even known about going on behind closed doors. If these things were done by Republicans, it would be plastered all over the TVs and all other media venues. I wish you the best of luck but this is not a luck situation, we need you!!! If there's ANYTHING I can do please have your camp let me know. I'm a disabled person but I would give up my disability check and live in the woods to see you get in. That's how worried I am about our country. I've worked 12 hr. Night shift for many yrs. I'm not lazy but was worked to the point that I had to get tons of operation and need more. But I can't even afford to do that.had awesome credit all my life but when broke because I couldn't work, waiting to receive help. I'm not whining but just saying I feel very concerned for our country and know you can make America great again. We will be considered a third world country if we don't straighten this mess out. I've been saying the things you are saying for many many yrs. I warned everyone I could before Obama was elected and now my friends are starting to respect my opinion, I do my homework. In fact I made the National Deans List in 2000, in Photonics Engineering so I know a little about thinking. I flunked out of college my first time around in 1980. But went back to school to try to better my life and I devoted myself in my efforts. When I graduated high school. I didn't know any better. I love my country and at minimum you have opened the eyes of the American people and exposed the issues and scandals. Thank you for your ears and running for President, it gives me a renewed sense of HOPE for our country. Walter G Dempsey Jr.

  • Wayne - 9 years ago

    Go TRUMP!

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