What will you do with your Child Care Benefit?


  • Candice - 9 years ago

    Sure. Let's encourage families to put their kids into institutionalized care while we slave away to pay for it because what we get is no where near enough. Families should be encouraged to have one parent at home for the kids. At least until they go to school full time. As someone mentioned there are special needs kids too. Not only are spots hard to find but jobs don't last long if the schools and carer are calling you to report a problem or for you to have to leave work to solve it.

  • Jamie - 9 years ago

    I pay 1800.00 per month for my two kids in Edmonton. The benefit shouldn't go to parents with kids over the age of 12, because they don't need child care. That way, those of us who have kids in care could get a little more. The whole thing is just not cool. Lost a vote, they did, and that makes me sad, because I was a proud conservative but lately, ... well, you're really dropping the ball, guys.

  • jodi George - 9 years ago

    The BC Government needs a $10 a day childcare program. It just makes sense Quebec has it and it is working wonderfully. Better for the economy more people working. It takes two incomes to raise a family, for both parents to work they need a $10 a day childcare program.

  • Catherine - 9 years ago

    Child care in Manitoba at a licensed facility for a fully subsidized family is $2.00 per day being $40 per month from ages 12 weeks to 12 years old. If u are telling me people can't afford child care per month and to work after the child taxes that were being received and the universal and the gst which because I'm middle class I receive absolutely none of those perks that's an absolute joke!!! Full fee child care for an infant is $600 a month, preschool $416 and school age average $227 per month at full fees and yes I may be in the middle class range but how dare I be punished to pay triple the amount for the exact same quality child care everyone receives whether u r working or on assistance or disability or seeking employment or a student. I choose to get an education and work for a living and yes raise a family too just like many others but I get punished financially by those choices daily?!? And people want to whine and complain about this only benefiting the middle class working parents meanwhile yes I am that and yes I am suffering just like anyone else, I have the same bills to pay and rent just like anyone else and support my other children with the daily necessities in life to yes get by and no not always comfortably just because I work or am middle class. On top of all those expenses It takes me years to pay off my loans and provide for my children, I suffer too just like anyone else. I still have no choice but to pay more in child care because I choose to educate myself and work and To eventually have a higher paying job and any amount that comes in I am grateful for just like everyone else should be but really again I'm punished and think the sad part is you give these funds to "help" and then on top of it there u go right into the next tax bracket because of course u must pay taxes on these so called extra funds to help me, So really who is it actually helping when I'm already at full fees which is hard enough to come up with on top of keeping up daily. We all struggle that's life, but to be punished to better yourself is even worse.

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    I would use it towards my kids extra curricular activies . I may be incorrect but that's what I though it was created for .

  • Angela - 9 years ago

    I was at a crossroads answering. I pay childcare $3-400/mthly but I also pay $1500 in excess bills, excluding groceries. I am a single parent. I think another issue that hasnt been addressed is what about childcare for disabled children? And afterschool care for older kids? I cannot find anywhere that will helpnwith childcare for my autistic 6yr old. Whixh means i need either a) a job that allows me to bring her to work or b) enables me to take summers off while still having my bills paid (unlikely)

  • Joyce Griffiths - 9 years ago

    So if everyone gets the UCCB - those in a higher income will get the money even though they don't NEED it - so that money will probably go into a Registed Education Fund creating another tax credit, but those in a low income will use it to pay a few bills like better food but will have to pay tax on that money!!! If a person has 4 children (2 under 6 and 2 over 6) that means that family gets $440 a month! That still doesn't pay for day care for 1 child! Why not put that money into a Universal Childcare Program like $15 per day!!!

  • Heather - 9 years ago

    It's going into my budget so I can continue to stay home and care for my children... I deserve pay too.

  • Shawna - 9 years ago

    I'm noticing that a lot of comments are saying that the $60 doesn't really pay for anything... I'm not sure that it's meant to actually pay for anything. I think it's meant to buy votes for the upcoming Federal election. That said, set it aside each month to pay for school supplies, put it towards a monthly fee for your kids activities, or I'm sure everyone grocery bills could use it too. It's not going to be life changing, I think it's meant to buy the Conservatives more life ;)

  • Seraphine - 9 years ago

    Three years I haven't worked, I have 8 year old two 16 years old young boys. This is the only income I get to support us. Not enough. Bout every little helps ..

  • child care in rural - 9 years ago

    sylvia even with you not being able to work, this benefits still is not enough to cover anything your child really needs, unless $160 or $60 a month depending on age is all you need.. beside family's with both working parents with children in child care $160 or $60 or what ever you get a month is only going to cover 2-4 days of daycare if your lucky.. daycare costs about as much as my rent does. who can afford that.. and like terry said, its taxable, come tax time is can mess up a persons taxes big time i was very close to owing the gov money one year because of the UCCB. the only ones it is really benefiting are the familys with big income, and mothers dont need to work.. not even really helping mothers who are at home bc its easier then trying to find a job just to pay for child care, it'll help a little maybe buys couple grocery's, maybe part of a bill.. it all depends on where you live, and your situation.. in sask child care is through the roof, and limited spaces, same with rent.

  • Terry M - 9 years ago

    People seem to forget that this is a taxable benefit. That's right, I have to pay taxes on the money the government supposedly "gives". This amount can sometimes nudge people into a higher tax bracket. So it's not all roses and sunshine.

  • Sylvia McDonald - 9 years ago

    You know there are some single income families who this will benifit. Just saying people need child care is silly. I have a disabled child and I cannot work. People need to be happy the gov is giving money and stop whining!

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