SPEAK UP: Should Poughkeepsie schools have given Stanley Bronski a reference letter? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Surprised Eleanor Roosevelt had a gun? 25 Yes, 15

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  • Richard Wing - 4 years ago

    This is the most corrupt and disgusting deal city schools agreed to for these crimes. Utterly abominable. You have to ask - Why such a sweet deal after such a disgusting and immoral act upon our school grounds? Hmmmm.....does this perpetrator have the goods on our finance superintendent? How or why is he still being paid? Every Poughkeepsie resident should be outraged that their tax money is going to benefit this creep and not have him prosecuted. Why....Why...why? For anyone reading these comments, let it be noted that the city of Poughkeepsie school district is ranked number 3 worst district within the state of NY........We all need to call the district attorney and inquire why this creep is getting away with these crimes and why the school district as a whole is not being investigated for corruption on every level. You've not heard the last of RS WING

  • A. Concerned Citizen - 4 years ago

    this is just absurd! And I agree with Mr. Nathington 100%

  • John - 4 years ago

    typical for Poughkeepsie Schools. The district should be investigated from top to bottom for many instances of misconduct. Bronski probably knew all about the total corruption that has been going on by the administration and Board for years , Agreement was a payoff for his silence.

  • Brad Nathington - 4 years ago

    I've said it before and I will say it again - people you *have* to pay your hos. All of this could have easily been prevented. SMH.

  • ? - 4 years ago

    $800 per service? Goes a long way towards explaining high administrator salaries. Travesty that anyone would think it fair to give a 'positive' ref letter. Goes another long way to exposing what's wrong with the Pok school system. Thanks PJ, this will be the only light shed.

  • Marge - 4 years ago

    Stanley Bronski worked in greenburgh central school district prior to his position in Poughkeepsie. Who gave Stanley Bronski a reference letter to get hired in Poughkeepsie

  • Christopher Duncan - 4 years ago

    How wonderful of the Poughkeepsie Journal to get this information about the school district out to the public.

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