King Kong Rap Contest (Poll Closed)

  • Pro'Meth
    50,580 votes

  • Tytanium
    2,080 votes

  • Chockie
    16,208 votes

  • Tunex-Tino
    160 votes

  • eLVeetor
    220 votes

  • Blaqbonez
    27,531 votes

  • KEAD
    326 votes

  • GUNZ
    1,020 votes

  • Rhoyaleson
    311 votes

  • Kursor
    56,069 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • James - 4 years ago

    did you have to give money to any parent industry for using the name King King in your King Kong presents slogan or is it public domain?????????

  • @icelomo - 4 years ago

    link 2 my performance,s on youtube

  • icelomo - 4 years ago

    pls follow me on ig @icelomo33 and twitter @icelomo and I will follow back

  • @icelomo - 4 years ago

    sup guys pls check out my new single and drop your comment

  • icelomo - 4 years ago

    As 4 me all the rappers tried but they dint WOW me nothing unique

  • Pein6paths - 4 years ago

    I think eminem got this ..his flow was the best

  • Krone - 4 years ago

    LOL! Real funny shit! Someone said Kuffor is stupid? No, Kuffor is not stupid. . .he's a smart ass motherfucker. See the long jump he took within the space of 3 to 4 hours, overtaking Prometh, who was formerly in lead. He's not the best, but he's SMART! I voted Blaqbones, though.

  • P3ÐRO - 4 years ago

    And this Kursor guy came from nowhere and pulled off this stupid stunt!! ..Life aint fair sha but we all know who the winner is tho!

  • klay - 4 years ago

    I actually do wish the judges get to critically listen to these 10 verses. That's when they'd know that Kursor is the real winner. Olohun gbor! Walahitalahi!! Ogun rey!!!..*bites cutlass*

  • keelty - 4 years ago

    Blaqbonez won d competition itz obvious...d rate each votes increases are too glaring...prometh with jus 321 downloads b4...notjustok we ahead 2 put only his track download link available...which increased his download to 9500 n still counting..kursor frm no where now leading again...dis is no competition @all...knew frm d first day....chockie is no where 2b found dis is really unacceptable..blaqbonez d winner..chockie d runner up...@jkms

  • Barrack - 4 years ago

    This beat was Made_For_BlaQ!!

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    I'm sure Blaq gat a diss verse for all u murfuckaz

  • Moremi - 4 years ago

    This ain't rap Jor, see local accent

  • Bala - 4 years ago

    Hmmm, proudly Nigeria, I'm other news, the former NSA - Dasuki had been arrested oh... There is God

  • Dexter - 4 years ago

    All the songs are tight, chai, so Nigerian fi rap

  • Mimi - 4 years ago

    I hate rap

  • Kemi - 4 years ago

    Don Jazzy you need to do something like this men, I well so contest

  • Segun - 4 years ago

    Thanks Vector for this, hope other people can do something like this

  • Johm - 4 years ago

    This is cool,

  • - 4 years ago

    why isnt anyone talking about GUNZZ?

  • teeblaq - 4 years ago

    i Just hope does in charge of this contest are monitoring the voting. people, try and study the way Pro'Meth's vote is increasing.. its obvious the voting has been rigged.. hit refresh every second and see increase. This is so obvious.. Thank you

  • Drizzklef - 4 years ago

    This is not not a comment/..i'm vexed, about to lunch my hacking team so this is more like a rocket/ or how the fvck you gonna explain this insolence?/..niggaz exploiring softwares to increase em votes, while they wack in em bars, even in text i'mma murk you Prometh!/
    ...nigga i'm vexed/ Vector aint seen nothing yet/ blaqbonez killed ya once on his diss track, yes!/ and now we see why in this contest/ crownin him the winner's not just the best idea, cos you'll get Murked again on the real Song. Fool, nonsence!/ ...i aint gona talk much/or start the gun and misile talks but vector, you knw whats funny?/ go make research, Blaqbonez is drugz with them Metaphors ...While your 'porns!' so horrible to
    the point they couldnt make a

  • Confexor - 4 years ago

    Hmmmm blaq owns dis bt it's a pity d ish isn't fair........................

  • Boomstruction - 4 years ago

    naw Prometh us leading....lmao....Last I checked Prometh had 15,648 votes and hw him jump go reach 46000

    lyk I said dis contest is fucked up!!!

    real crap

  • Boomstruction - 4 years ago

    Blaq got Enuff fans...from Nairaland to RG to SVN to TMRG to TRG To RC....I swea Down Dis Stupid Kursor of a guy rigged dis.. .and it shall not b well wit Vector Da viper if he does not do something bout dis!!!
    all dy voting goes to 1 IP checking it well he's Rigging wit enormous hacking tools..

    wat da fuck is dis!! Dis Contest is dead cos na Twitter and Instagram I go disturb Vector till somefin good changes dafuq

  • Ben Hurricane - 4 years ago

    VECTOR....!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and see oh!!!!!! Hope you do something..... Blaqbonez won the Zombie contest with live performances and freestyles ....beating a dope rapper better than most made names named Hench Boogey.... !!!!! That blaq gat fans...when I say fans ...I mean peeps who understand Hiphop. not hausa voters under APC ICT...blaq is the future of Nigerian Hiphop..... Gunz, Prometh are great also....

  • Spotzinc - 4 years ago

    OLAKUNLE ALADEUSI .. Honestly you are a disgrace to the IT world and to Firefox or whatever you represent. Like really? Shit! Your daftness amazes me.

  • LionBoss - 4 years ago

    We made it #TeamKursor #TotalCommittment #StayedFocus #IgnoredIntimidation #EyesOnThePrize #ComeLetsTeachYouHowToHustle #WeDoTheRightThingAtTheRightTime #SuccessIsHere #WeLoveAllContestants #BabaGodMadeItPossible #GratefulHearts #TeamWork #IreAkari #SouthWestHomies #BabaGodNoni cc #UnsulliedGenerals

  • Anonymous - 4 years ago

    Mr Olalekan Aladeusi,

    You disappointed me as a Web Developer You claim to be, dropping a line of code to call a user's IP address, you shouldn't have dragged your supposed 'firefox' reputation into the mud in the process. We know of Google Student Ambassador, but please, save me the BS about some firefox ambassador.

    What do you know about internet security and hacking procedures? What do you know about PollDaddy's credibility and clientbase? Even Microsoft make use of PollDaddy to conduct polls among other big multinationals and companies.

    I'll hack an IP voting mechanism with cookies-check in 18 different ways. My friends in Austria, India and China will do it in countless number of ways.

    Anybody that had more than 500 votes voted multiple times, plus there were no rules saying vote just once (ALWAYS CHECK FOR RULES & INSTRUCTIONS)

    When the blaq dude was leading, i was impressed with his voting recall speed though i expected him to do better and leave a wide margin but now that the kursor dude was the smartest of all (obviously), i believe that's the kind of resilience the Music Industry requires. The bottom line in case you don't know is this; there were hundreds of entries and these 10 were shortlisted, do you know how hard that would have been? So VEC is cool with anyone who emerges, becasue going by talent, they all have it, but the winner needed to have more than just talent.

    As for me, Nice hustling Kursor, it takes beyond talent to succeed, you need to be street-smart and have a good plan and a good team, you have all three of that.

    So back to you Mr Olalekan, next time if you are not well capacitated with knowledge and understanding in a particular field, you keep quiet and learn. You just embarrassed Firefox, I wonder what you do as an ambassador (beg people to download firefox browsers??).

    Great time it was monitoring another PolllDaddy's System.


  • Kvng Loonatiikk - 4 years ago


  • ovizz - 4 years ago

    Lmao ....... Na wah,.... Any way it's always blaqbones.. Caseclosed

  • Da truth - 4 years ago

    Nigerian youth doe, but kursor won this if bars and delivery are the yard stick. Everybody should just go home.

  • Temitope - 4 years ago

    Blaqbonez had more mature bars,
    Gunz had the better delivery

    the others are just didnt bring it.

  • comfort - 4 years ago

    akmi tf is wrong with you?

    team blaq we dont die we multiply.

  • Akmi the flow ripper - 4 years ago

    any bastard who says kursor is rigging is a bastard nd God will punish that fool... when blaq was leading with all ya multiple votes why dint ya'l low lives complain... for me all the emcee's on the king kong shii were foolishly wack especially that promethus nigga , wtf just repeating metaphor till end of the your freestyle wack bitch.... plus I don't want to know who is gonna win but if anybody complains of the votes on kursor again I'll make sure amadioha strike down ya balls... BASTARDS

  • nobody - 4 years ago

    Will you all shut up Kursor haters. If you are not satisfied then go and hang yourselves. You people just love to criticize. Appreciate and give kudos to all of them.

  • jerry tha finisher - 4 years ago

    It no longer abt rigging, this naija mehn ... Even knows what they're doing... they intentionally made the pole hackable so they can gather traffic to the site ....

    Goodluck blaq

  • OLAKUNLE ALADEUSI - 4 years ago

    Speaking as web developer, the whole voting application is fucked up because user can vote multiple times. i just voted four times. NOTJUSTOK or POLLDADDY should used user's IP ADDRESS for validation as this will prevent user from casting multiple votes. PHP $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] superglobal variable can be used to get the IP ADDRESS of each user.

    It is crystal clear that KURSOR rigged the process because as at now, he has 739 downloads, 957 views and 36,914 votes. The difference between download count and votes count is too much. how will someone vote for you without listen to your song by downloading it.

    As for BLAQBONZE, he has 3866 downloads, 1772 views and 26545 votes. This is within acceptable range.

    The NOTJUSTOK judges should consider this comment while selecting winner of the contest

    Olakunle Aladeusi.
    Web developer at Cloudshot Inc.
    Firefox student ambassador ,OAU.

  • Rap Nerd - 4 years ago

    This goes out to whoever is in charge of this or brought this idea of voting to know the winner. This system is so flawed and bias to some extent. This is a rap competition for crying out loud, not just a beauty contest. This just allows a lot of online politicking. Yall are trying to tell us the lyrics and delivery don't count anymore. Its just a contest of how many crazy fans each contestant has. This is supposed to be an underground rap competition,basically for new rappers with little or no fans. So,a wack rapper with many crazy friends that can go extra miles like getting a whole lot of people (that don't even understand the concept of rap) vote has a greater odd of winning than those that are actually dope and can't get people to vote for them or got outnumbered in the long run. If this voting process is eventually used to determine the winner,then its a stain on the competition's credibility. I mean,there are other measures to use,like give them a more technical beat and see how well they fare. Safe.

  • Monsignor - 4 years ago

    If vector no declare Blaqbonez the winner, he is a big fool and will forever be

  • Ajanleikoko - 4 years ago

    Blaqbonez sef na thief.

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    Total rigging all d way. Even Buhari's vote did nt cum in quick succession lyk dis. Imagine 30k votes just in a day? Outrageous!!!

    Pls d admins shud do sumtin. #vector are u watching this?

  • Boomstruction - 4 years ago

    Lyk I jus said....I rooted his votes and Found out dis!!! dis fool no possess 35000 peeps online has a whole group behind him...and dis Fool Kursor thinks he will do dis and run Away wit dis??? Nice hacking!! Dis Contest is as fucked up as A Roman whore!!!
    or let's say as fucked up lyk Kim kardashian

  • Oga Boomstruction - 4 years ago

    wtf???? Kursor is fucking Rigging dis??? imagine dis fool doesn't even possess dy fans dat Blaqbones has,Titanium has or Prometh....Nice Bro....y'all beta stop voting cos Kursor and his goons jus hacked dy URL redirecting all votes to him...check ur votes dem no complete or aint showing dis fool is rigging it!!!
    Naija will Neva change!!!!!
    damn it
    mumu vector Tha viper no go come to dis mata...Vector is a big fool!! d

  • Ofada - 4 years ago

    Kursor is the real ish here. Lol e clear for blaqbones eye.. Kursor go and bring this shit and feat Vector jare

  • Henry - 4 years ago

    Kursor is rigging this election, I hope Vector sees this.

  • Joe Idonije (Denge) - 4 years ago

    blaqbonez is my choice. Final

  • Shade Toyin-Kehinde - 4 years ago

    My vote is for Blaqbonez!!!! Blaqbonz is winning by God's grace!!!!

  • Shade Toyin-Kehinde - 4 years ago

    My vote is for Blaqbonez!!!! Blaqbonz is winning by God's grace!!!!

  • Isaac ikus Onos - 4 years ago

    I Cast My Vote For Blaqbonez , For Sure God is Your Strength Blaqbonez ! OGHENEKOBIRUOOOH !

  • Kemi - 4 years ago

    But Blaqbonez was ahead before, what happened??

    Blaqbonez must be so depressed right now. Life is a race fa....u cannot afford to be in a toyota when your competitors are in a Lamborghini.

    I am always with whoever is winning.....Goodluck Kursor

  • Segun - 4 years ago

    The 2 best are the first & the last, Pro'Meth & Kursor respectively.

    Pro Met had a great freestyle (even though i know he wrote that before dropping it, i mean, no one freestyles with a contest this big-#facingthefact), but the whole metaphor twist was dope.

    Regardless, Kursor caught my undivided attention (with a knife i guess). I initially didn''t know why kursor caught my undivided attention, later, after listening to this guy over and over, i picked a few leads;

    the way he related his verse to the contest, comparing the soundtrack to a public toilet and everyone is shitting on it;

    talking about the last time he tried ''luck'' (goodluck), the whole country suffered for it...

    The intro was actually killing; something about ''ding-dong'' (as in intro-doorbell), and he said ''wait, we don't do that, we just kick it that's some kingkong style...

    Rhoyaleson had a dope verse but com'on, this is VEC here not Olamide; I think Olamide will appreciate his flows better cos that guy is a killer mane.

    So KURSOR, all the best

    Segun, Houston, TX

  • Prig d - 4 years ago

    I see blaqbonez as the winner.. Mark my words.

  • bricks - 4 years ago

    Y'all should listen closely. Kursor had the best verse. I think VEC should listen himself and pick a winner. If he's fair enough, Kursor will win. Delivery, harmony on the beat, punchlines e.t.c.

  • P3ÐRO - 4 years ago

    Dafcq?? Wtf is kursor?? RIGGInG!

  • P3ÐRO - 4 years ago

    Dafcq?? Wtf is kursor?? RIGGInG!

  • LionBoss - 4 years ago

    May God grace the path that lies before us #TeamKursor #ProudlyNaija #AllWeDoIsWin #WeWontStopNow #GratefulHearts #BabaGodGotOurBack #WeStayFocused #PlanningIsKey #ThankYouOurFansGlobally #KaShaMaDupe #AllCURSORSvotingKURSOR cc #UnsulliedGenerals

  • Ben Hurricane - 4 years ago

    Hausa and rigging....choi 24k votes within a day...? Jega and APC has taught these youths wickedness!!!!

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    So all d hiphop fans are based in north? Or are Kursor's fans in the north? See vote abeg between d space of 3hours, nt even a day.

  • Klaus - 4 years ago

    blaq all the way #feeling this nigga I swear

  • serine - 4 years ago

    Kursor all the way...vector's prototype

  • I.P shred - 4 years ago

    Let d best win

  • Baba - 4 years ago

    I think Vector has to verify some of the votes, I mean 24k votes within a few hours? Something fishy is going here.

  • LionBoss - 4 years ago

    #TeamKursor In God we Trust cc #UnsulliedGenerals

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    PkADris you are there.

    Men see votes frm Kano and Kaduna. Who is ths Kursor na?

  • PKAIdris - 4 years ago

    repost #President Emeka has left a Blaqprint on
    that beat. Vote Blaq, he is half zombie,
    half king Kong

  • PKAIdris - 4 years ago

    RePosting #President Emeka has left a Blaqprint on
    that beat. Vote Blaq, he is half zombie,
    half king Kong

  • teejay2rule - 4 years ago

    #blackbonez all d way #Asvp-kay is d nicur

  • djahn - 4 years ago

    nice one will win

  • kelvin_porshe - 4 years ago

    Blaq is the man.... If u organizers read through the comments here, then you know u have ur winner. V.E.C you better be prepared for #teamblaqbonez

  • Confidence - 4 years ago

    They all did good.
    Blaqbonez didn't really go hard on this beat as he usually does. Would have voted for him
    Pro'Meth and Chockie killed it

    Chockie got my vote
    I mean he's the Mic'tyson

  • djayclef - 4 years ago

    i think chockie deserve more votes...... One of the finest & fastest rapper from the south... CHOCKIE IYKE all the way!!!!!

  • Chizzy - 4 years ago

    chookie na PH boy? nice flow man, u rep well! But I'm a great admirer of blaq's qualities man, he's good. He got my vote.

  • busterking chi donald tha 1st - 4 years ago

    blaq smoking dis niqqaz meehn..

    weed shit!!

  • young dike - 4 years ago

    blaq is d evolution of craft

  • Henry ola - 4 years ago

    kursor had the best lines and flow on this beat..

  • Prig d - 4 years ago

    Blaq all the way.. I remember one of his lines

    ''wetin be mandatory?.. Shey na man wey dey tree na mandatory?

    ''You wan photoshoot with copter, you carry glutton u say u bring chopper''

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    #Blaq for hip hop President.


  • Elder rah - 4 years ago

    fuck it mehn black kill it nd ya all knws so go on bro u winning diss fr sure


  • chrizblingz - 4 years ago

    For u pple dat are voting for chockie equally download his single titles. Stories freestyle,page 48,ready or not,ice cream girl,never go down and rap alert u will knw dat he is d mic tyson. People weh say him go endia dem go chopstix....@officialchockie. I love u die. Wish to work wit u someday. Nigerian sark

  • chrizblingz - 4 years ago

    Ohh God chockie all d way. Dem b like okada na we b d boss,streetmadegeneral. Nwanne ur weight reach. From day 1 I have always loved chockie if u say na lie ask dj emmyboi djkayceea don 2k,G blizz,blaq bullet,ice cool. All d members of @cbngang. Are. Strongly behind u.use dis song of mine as a celebration song. #ibelieveicanfly by chrizblingz ft G blizz. Via @chrizblingznoni @cbngang @teamchrizblingz. Am tha lyricist I rep #cbngang. Shouts to V.E.C

  • doubleKay - 4 years ago

    WTF is that CHOCKIE!!??

    Tell him I ѕαι∂ he's too Good

    #Jah Bless're the winner

    Oluwa don write am.

  • immortal giz(knowledge) - 4 years ago

    Blaq killed it. . .

  • Oga Boomstruction - 4 years ago

    blaq blaq Blaq.....Mehn If dere waz any way We could vote More Dan 1ce....dis dude Is Hiphop!!! not Dis Hitlers of Hiphop dy gon die tho.....Blaq g.m.v

  • jerrythafinisher - 4 years ago

    Chockie tried, he's g0t pure flow but blaqbones nailed it mehn .... His wordies, set-up, punchlines and delivery were awesome .... Blaq g0t ma vote

  • Ben HurricAne - 4 years ago

    Truth indeed...remember blaq as you lie down on your bed of lies....!!!

  • Truth - 4 years ago

    If Blaq wins this , Then y'all voted wrong . . . Stop dickriding and vote real. . . . Nigerians and their Fakeness , *Spits* , Whoever that Chockie is, he gets my full support

  • Wizben Tha BurnaBoy JR - 4 years ago


  • ThePrekky - 4 years ago

    Blaq got this for me. Prometh tried too but BLAQBONEZ G.M.V

  • drizzklef - 4 years ago

    blaq is shiiiit mehn...

    You gat crowd behind you.

  • Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    Anticipate Blaq's new album MUSA wit Vector on it.

    Hip Hop in Black!

  • Otwenty - 4 years ago

    Chockie u ar magician, the world awaits ur arrival. U ar a legend in the making... So fear not the contest is urs... #bless

  • Tha_Cardinal191 - 4 years ago


  • Slimnice Da Atom - 4 years ago

    Ph city stand up, eleme stand up as chockie de rap don, de dope lyrical moster kill it again, men dis contest is urs, we are strongly behind u bro

  • ill maine junior - 4 years ago

    team blaqbonez

  • jOjO - 4 years ago

    Dope Dope go Blaq!

  • RAPHYOUS - 4 years ago

    We talk rap we rap blaq, like NOKIA torch light you have got barsss for days bonzz, rugged e'm

  • khaleeed - 4 years ago

    blaqbonez all day...y'all know blaq got dis

  • ¡t's Rules Success Emmanuel - 4 years ago

    You all knw Blaq killed it. He wears every other wrapper down. Vector is probably cooking up lines. #TEAM BLAQ


  • Zeus Lamar - 4 years ago

    Half zombie, Half kinq konq. blaq did a Funeral 0n it.!
    Total Murder.

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