Rent An Art Car: Is This OK?


  • dennis miller - 9 years ago

    A for profit Disney ride, no. However, letting an artist get ambitious with investors, why not? Why limit the scope of an artist to his own pocket book?

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    Completely not acceptable. Although Larry seems to think that social justice means "Communists looking over your shoulder on the playa," the community we create has the choice to ignore inequality or actually deal with it. Giving people- who have enough income to fund a project- exclusive access to that project is agqint everything that BM means, at least to me. What's the difference between this and the camps surrounded by buses to exclude regular burners? If Larry makes a point that the 10 Principles do not include radical equality, must we allow them to promote radical inequality?

  • D - 9 years ago

    As long as they are participating and open to anyone (with money or trade) then I dont think it is commodification. But then will this lead to art cars having to claim taxes after burning man?

    I say ass, grass, or cash and its good to go

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