In your Court, comparing applications for Placement Orders now to applications before Re B, Re B-S


  • Belinda Bramhall - 7 years ago

    There is a massive difference, in that there are now regular legal challenges to adoption applications, whereas they were unheard of prior to Re B. This issue now forms part of prospective adopter preparation as, along with all the other emotional challenges which they have to deal with, there is a real possibility that adopters may have to find ways to cope with a legal challenge and somehow take steps to ensure that that does not affect their bond with the child who has been placed with them. (I think there is scope for a longitudinal study of the impact of this on placements and personal development of children and adopters).

  • oliver moore - 7 years ago

    I am in no doubt that the case law has affected every aspect of our case work and has led to a change in the LA care planning and practice. The thresholds for what care is "good enough" in terms of kinship have dropped.

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