What grade do you give Spike TV's 'Tut'?


  • Akenhaten - 8 years ago

    Disney at its worst,can't believe I wasted over 5 hours of my life on this tripe,firstly it's so inaccurate and long drawn out,the only accuracy in this trash,are the names of the characters.

  • Mindi Strauss - 8 years ago

    OMG this movie was amazing! I enjoyed it sooo very much. It felt like I was literally in ancient Egypt. This movie really takes you there. To say the costumes were gorgeous is an under statement. Avan was HOT, SEXY and FIERCE! Way to go Sir Ben & Avan, amongst many others.Having said that I'm now going to sound contradictory. They could've done much better than sybilla (I think that's the correct spelling) there were a lot of weeping scenes in her part. She wasn't convincing with most of those scenes, maybe 1 or 2. And Kylie as well. They could've chosen someone with more ethnic features rather than a black woman. I think that's where they lost their ratings. Still i enjoyed the movie VERY much.

  • Eric - 8 years ago

    Can't understand a dang word

  • Paula Sample - 8 years ago

    Writers, Major kudos. I can tell, the story came through your souls to your hearts to your brain as you birthed a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soni - 8 years ago

    I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!! The cast was exotic and Beautiful. Everything was so believable I felt like I was In ancient Egypt. OMG, Avan is THE most beautiful, exotic man I have ever seen. He was a dream to look at!!! Oh and the movie was really, really good. I would give it 100 Stars!!!!!!!!!!! However, I do think the love scenes were a bit much. I think they were a bit too graphic for that kind of movie. Overall, the movie was sheer pleasure to watch. So much better than the blond hair, blue eyed Pharoahs created in Hollywood,

  • Conrad - 8 years ago

    Gag! Why were the Mitanni--an historically known people of Indo-European, (i.e., white Caucasian), ethnicity, and the undoubted "bad guys" in this epic fail--cast as Rastafarian dreadlocked Africans? Where is the backlash? So much potential, so much crap. Yeh, yeh, history geek here, but this had to have been intentional; simply looking up the name "Mitanni" would have turned up the fact of their ethnicity--which means the writers/producers/whoever intentionally changed their ancestry to "out of Africa." Was it just to give "black folks" a part in the series? No need--they were spot on with Nonso Anozie et al in the Egyptian ranks, which would have been multi-ethnic. This is racism, plain and simple--just more subtle than Griffith's "Birth of a Nation."

  • Pinkmoon - 8 years ago

    Dale, I wasn't concerned with the morality of ancient Egypt 'cause when I saw Avan (for the first time ever) I was mesmerized by his unbelievable, handsome (almost beautiful) face. I am a great grandmother and about all I can do is look, but I will be watching and looking at "Tut" whenever it's on. I must say I was more than impressed with the acting abilities of, not just Avan, but virtually everyone on the show. It was a bit too violent for my taste (I closed my eyes on those parts) but.....a small price to pay for the pleasure of being able to see someone like him in my living room! One word; WOW.
    (Wonder if it's going to be a regular series)??

  • Terri - 8 years ago

    Wonderful. Best thing on tv in a long time. Avan was brilliant.

  • Shane - 8 years ago

    The killed suda they just killed how I look at ancient Egypt come on why her

  • Dale - 8 years ago

    I watched the complete series. I thought it might be epic. I was hoping for a classic movie. It was not a classic. Did the ancient Egyptians or the writers of the script, have any since of morals throughout the maze of deceit, treachery, and interests? I think the movie had no honor.

    If an opportunity arises to watch it again, I would pass.

  • Brian P - 8 years ago

    @Roy-First and foremost I take it you are one of those exceptional morons who grasp or retain very little information before opening your mouth. That mumbojumbo is to say the least, the most uneducated child-like grammar review I have ever seen all in just a few sentences. A troll could do better. Time schedule was not messed up your comprehension of time zones were apparently. I could be wrong wherever you are, however, in a three part series you seem to only watch half (if that) of part one, compliment the scenery in one part, then criticize the presentation as if the whole series was not worth viewing without any details as to what gave you such an impression? To each his own, but at least have something intelligent or noteworthy to offer before bringing your negativity to the board.

    My son and I both very much enjoyed this suspenseful series that left us leaning forward from the couch anticipating what was to come next repeatedly. There will be critics to argue series of events as they relate to history but overall a thrilling watch nonetheless.

  • Paul banas - 8 years ago

    absolutely wonderful series. Egypt is high on my bucket list! Beautiful sets, characters, and wonderful story!

  • Roy Hanks - 8 years ago

    The time schedule was all screwed up. I came in at the end of the first part. 9PM. But it started at 8PM.
    I have no intention of finishing the series. The scenery was spectacular. So what it was so poorly presented that all the good was sunk.

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