How black is Bernie Sanders?

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  • HC - 7 years ago

    Everyone's praising you as America's newest Black leader, Rod. I'm sorry, dear brother, I can't join the parade. And its not just because I'm jealous that Ava followed you on twitter.

    You two are getting too big. The powers that be were fine when they had you contained to railing against the evils of sword ratchetness. They got upset when you took down Heathcliff Huxtable. But now you're influencing the shady world of presidential politics. Its no coincidence your internet went out a few weeks ago before the show. That tree branch into your windshield? A warning. Now you're putting tbgwt nation in danger too. Bernie stans are infiltrating the chat room now. They're up in the comments with propaganda! I found a horse's head in my bed this morning! You don't know who you're messing with. Hell, Bernie's so black, HE gave the Nation of Islam the order to take out Malcolm X. And now you might be next.

    I wish you and karen would quit rabble rousing and be silent about this racism. Times are better now than before. Just thank Bernie that we're even free as a people. But it might be too late. They might have gotten to someone close to you already. If Justin suddenly stands up during the next Balls Deep Sports taping and yells out "Get your hand out of my pocket!" then at least we still have 1000 episodes of tbgwt greatness to go back to listen to before you were tragically taken from us.

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