What do you think? Is it okay to scream at someone else's child?

  • Kimber - 6 years ago

    I think it's ridiculous that some parents feel it's acceptable to impose a screaming terrible two onto others in public, trying to enjoy themselves and spending money as well, Is it the toddlers fault? of course not that's what 2yr olds do. The parents however are just plain rude. The old school style may not go over well with new age reason with a baby parents but it's effective. When my twins were in tantrum stage, 2-3 yrs, we usually didn't do the restaurant thing but if we did, and if they became loud, out they went. If I was a customer I'd have been angry with the parents too. I see these scenarios all over the place now. DMV, waiting rooms, professional buildings screaming and running all over place without one attempt by their parents to correct that behavior. They're oblivious to the needs of others and actually, I don't think they give a damn who they upset. RUDE. When these undisciplined brats grow up thinking the world revolves around them it's a rude awakening. HELL YES the owner has a right to restore sanity in her own business.

  • Christel - 6 years ago

    First off, the child is less than 2 years old, practically a baby. Babies cry all the time. Would she have yelled at a baby? She may have traumatized this child unwittingly.

    Secondly, she's a child, you look for their guardians or parents and let them know that the child's behavior is unacceptable. The parents, in this case, should have handle it or the owner should kick the whole family out. She may have found it easier to deal with the child verses the parents and in my opinion that makes her a BULLY.

    Third, she's the owner. Just kicking the family out should have been her first choice not yelling at a patrons child like children do on the playground. Adults discuss things with adults and Children discuss things with children. When an adult confronts a child the only thing they should say to the child is -"Where is your parent or guardian?" and you take them to the location and tell the ADULT what happened and leave it at that.

    I agree that children lack discipline with the lack of parenting or the methods of parenting. But the parenting still lies in the hands of the parents. When the parents are present to handle the situation. LET THEM DO IT. You may not agree with the method. That is NOT YOUR CHILD. Unless you plan on adopting every child you meet. Let the parents take care of them.

  • julie sanders - 6 years ago

    I would guess that those who disagree with diner owner are those same young people who want to be friends to their children rather than parents. I see it all the time and wonder what are they thinking? Don't they know that kids want their parents to set limits?

  • Mark - 6 years ago

    I applaud the Restaurant owner. In fact, my next trip to Portland, Maine Im getting lunch there...and I'll buy lunch for a lucky couple that comes in.

    Would a crying baby be acceptable for 40 minutes at: Movie Theater, church, DMV, Fine Dinning, Salon, etc, etc...?

    Is 45 minutes of crying the cut off mark for some of these "Mom's"? At some point in time the PARENTS do become responsible, right?

    Maybe the F"KING parents for bringing this upon there child....DUH!!!!!

  • David - 6 years ago

    I would suggest a more appropriate answer would have been "I'd never scream at a child—but I do think it's okay to calmly say something to the child's PARENTS."

    Why would anyone try and reason with a 2 year old?

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