SPEAK UP: Should the minimum wage for fast-food workers be increased to $15? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you shop at A&P? 82 YES, 140 NO

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  • Taxpayer - 4 years ago

    Until all people who work for a living are paid a living wage - no matter what type of work they do - we will continue to pay more for SNAP programs, Medicaid programs, etc. Same thing with military families. People that work hard deserve a living wage. Not scorn and ridicule for the type of jobs they do.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Oh boy, look at this last comment.

    Basically, what they are saying is that burger flippers deserve more money than people with education, or people who work their way up through a company? And that these wealthy, successful people only live to fire people? Then laugh about it? And if we don't agree with this misguided, arrogant, straw man viewpoint, we are "sheep"?

    You must be such a pleasant person to be around.

  • LMR - 4 years ago

    its funny how people begrudge each other a living wage - yet have zero problems with CEO salaries - fools....... This is exactly what the rich want us to do. Sit around fighting with each other over scraps....... They are laughing and we never seem to care - we would rather begrudge each other for trying to earn a living wage. And for all you high and mighty "college" grads - when you lose your jobs due to corporate greed - you'll wish the fast food service job you probably can't handle - but will be forced to do - paid you a living wage...... Wake up SHEEP.

  • bruce - 4 years ago

    $15/hr hell no. They are not career jobs. Any intelligent person working there should know that.

  • Jim Buckson - 4 years ago

    Let's just all eat some real food for a change and abandon all fast food restaurants

  • Lou - 4 years ago

    minimum wage jobs are not designed to be a career. Young people should do those jobs in order to gain experience and an employment record for future jobs.

  • Paul miller - 4 years ago

    I do not believe this is really a HEART matter for this govern. I believe it's another one of his cons to attract votes. YES, VIRGINA people in politics lie, cheat,steal all the time. He has done several things so far just to swing various groups towards him, and down the road the White House.
    NYS is losing business every year, factor jobs dry up, the gun industry left, and soon the fast foods. Just this week the Pok. Journal ran stories about why business does not want NY.
    WELL, MAYBE THIS GOVERN HAS A HAND IN THAT. Do you really think business will not notice this.
    Adding to this, a serious adult should not be working a High Schools students key entry job, and expect to.support her family.
    No, I cannot accept that with so much education available in NY and FREE in NYC, Americans are working at McDonald's and supporting a family, But then again if your an ILLEGAL and a potential voter then maybe $15 isn't enough either!

    Keep in mind, NYS is the fastest shrinking state both WEALTH and POPULATION wise.


  • Barbara Jornov - 4 years ago

    I understand the wage vs daily living but if they raise wages for fast-food then they better raise it across the board because for workers in non fast food and have been working for years or college grads there hourly rate should be $25 pet hour. Experience and knowledge has to account for something.

  • Jo - 4 years ago

    Terrible Idea!

    One should consider the extent of the scope of the job and then compare it to other jobs. Most fast food jobs do not entail that much work. Maybe a little busy during certain hours, but there really isn't that much to it. Now compare this to a job at a grocery store where you have cashiers, stockmen, etc... I would expect their job scope to be much greater than that of a fast food worker. Their wage? Definitely under $15/hr. How about administrative assistants at a Doctor's Office? Scope of work far outweighs those of a fast food worker and I am sure they do not make as much as $15/hr.

    There is no reason why this should even be up for consideration. The only benefit of this is that the price of food at fast food restaurants will increase so much that I will stop eating this unhealthy junk.

  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    Raising the minimum wage is killing small businesses. Fast food franchises are small businesses, profit margins are small. You are also losing jobs for teenagers, very few teenagers have good work ethics to begin with, give them $15 an hour and they will never learn to be a responsible worker. If I costs a business owner $15 an hour, they will not and should not hire a teenager at that rate!

  • Ella Stevens - 4 years ago

    How are these people suppose to pay rent on what they are getting. There wag has to go up. It's up to the employer to maybe enhance the job description!

  • April - 4 years ago

    In response to several postings on here: In order to get to Management in the fast food industry, you have to start at the counter/grill, or assembling the food items.
    Also, 'location' is a major consideration for minimum wage. In NC (have done extensive research, considered relocating there) a townhouse is available for $125k, whereas in upstate NY where I am located (WAY upstate, North of Albany NY) a single-family dwelling has a base price of $225k on average. The selling price of 200k of less, is nearly non-existent.
    My husband made $1.35/hr in the 19 70's when he began his work career, and was attending community college. He bought a brand NEW car! Cost? $2500.00. So, you can see all wages/pricing is relative to the times and also to the location you live in. Living in a city such as NYC, you canNOT even begin to live on minimum wage. The effect, however, "could" be that a lot of 'full time' jobs will be cut, as major companies do NOT want to pay for health/dental insurance. I discovered that this summer when I worked retail. College girls had to obtain two part-time jobs in order to have money to take care of expenses during their school year. It's an extremely hard balance anyway you look at it, however people DO need to thirve, and a single mother does need to take her kids for ice cream and be able to afford it. Not only do people need money to survive, but it creates pride, which equal a job well done and the opportunity to improve themselves!

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    I think the people in these jobs at fast food are getting their feet wet in the workforces of America. That said I do not believe they deserve anything hire than the minimum wage until their manager evaluates them and then suggests a small increase deserving of their abilities.

    What will be next the retail worker making minimum wages or cleark at gas station wanting more than their minimum wage. Give me a break, I know it's tough in this economy, but suck it up and stop wanting freebie hand outs.

    Just my opinion and sticking to it. Your elders all went through there hard knocks when they started a first job, you oughta too.

  • Stacia - 4 years ago

    For the people saying minimum wage for all jobs should go up that doesn't help. The price of everything will go up. Entry level, minimum wage jobs are for teens and young adults in high school without work skills. If you want to "help" people start crying out for money to go into funding for skills training. Education should be less expensive and more easily available. Welding, nursing, X-ray tech, education for these kinds of careers should be more affordable. You take out a loan and by the time you've paid it back, you now paid like almost double that loan it seems like. It's so hard to obtain/afford an education and that's why all these fools are crying for $15/hr at Mcdonalds. People are fighting for the wrong thing...

  • Ashley - 4 years ago

    I do think that they should get paid more money but I don't think they should get more than people that actually went to college and got their degree. Why should they get paid for taking the easy way out? So basically everyone should get a raise if the minimum wage increases.

  • ML Phillips - 4 years ago

    Artificially inflating wages above what the market will bear is bad for business and employees alike. Margins are slim at best. Prices will go up and in the long term employees will be no better off than they are now. I suspect that many of fast food places will either close or will change their business model in such a way that the need for the minimum wage employee is significantly reduced or eliminated.

  • Sal Montes - 4 years ago

    People need to understand that its 2015 not 1915! The prices have been going up in everything especially gas. People also need to realize that its not about "kids" making extra income for themselves, but for a struggling mother who needs to provide for her kid's food and shelter. Some say "Its like they will be getting a pay raise and i wont." My only say on this topic is my "pay raise" is to see a starving child smile because her mother is able to bring food to the table and not only that, she can take him out to eat ice cream on the weekends like other parents take their kids and not worry about having enough money to pay this month's rent!

  • John Joy - 4 years ago

    Minimum wage is for people with no skills in the job world. Not people who are trying to support themselves. You should have gathered enough skills through your life to get out of those types of jobs by the time your bills pile up. People need to start working for themselves and not looking for handouts.

  • Carol - 4 years ago

    The minimum wage for all workers should be $15/hr. a living wage should be available to all.

  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    People fought for minimum wage so the worker would have a wage they could live on (not well but survive on). It should be tied to the cost of living and adjusted yearly so we keep politics OUT of it. Adjusted for 1968 dollars $15 is just keeping pace, which means workers will have the buying power with minimum wage that they did in 1968 (with minimum wage). This will enable college kids to help pay their way through school with a part-time job.

    It will also help lift up the other more skilled jobs whose wages have stagnated due to minimum wage being lowered. The only folks who have benefited from minimum wage being kept low were the big corporations whose upper management are reaping in the monies saved from having to pay the workers a living wage. When a sizable portion of their workers get government assistance that's wrong, we the people are paying their workers because they aren't! This will change that, and yes there will be some painful ripple affects due to the proper adjustments not being done for eons . . . again minimum wage should be tied to the cost of living and adjusted yearly.

  • Jim - 4 years ago

    Not sure where Nora lived in the 60's but I can't believe she lived in the 60's and was able to live off minimum wage and worked 40 hrs per/week. In the 60's minimum wage was about 1/hr. but fast food and seasonal work was exempt. I got paid 60 cents an hour working those type of jobs. You only worked those type of jobs to gain work experience so you could move to a better job. Most fast food jobs are not career jobs - except at management level. They were always jobs for college students or people who wanted some part time work since they offered flexible hours. Now that the job market for good jobs is so bad people are trying to make a living out of these jobs. Lets focus on creating good jobs not artificially inflating a salary because the cost will just be passed on the consumer.

  • suzanne morse - 4 years ago

    When I moved to NC 16 years ago, I worked in a small medical practice and was paid $14 per hour and I came with MAJOR CREDENTIALS....RN, ANP etc...so NO...

  • Chris - 4 years ago

    $15 fillers per hour for flipping burgers and getting orders wrong. Get real I make jest over that for running in to burning buildings risking my life.

  • Nora Edwards - 4 years ago

    When I made minimum wage in the 60's, I was able to live on it. I lived simply, week to week, but I was able to live on minimum. today that's not possible. the minimum has not risen in pace with that actual cost of living.

  • Rich - 4 years ago

    McDonald's has already made ordering stations where customers can order themselves and they do not need Cashiers. I'm sure they will start installing them in places where the minimum goes to $15 very quickly and half of the people will lose their jobs over this.
    A business cannot suddenly have it's labor costs go up by over 50% and still expect to stay in business.

  • Russ - 4 years ago

    Jobs should be payed based on skill. If your desire for your life is to flip a burger, you deserve minimum wage for ever. Go to school, learn a trade, make something of your life.

  • dr. zen - 4 years ago

    No one can support him/herself and their family on minimum wage. Certain franchizes like McDonalds make billions of dollars. They can well afford to pay their employees appropriately.

  • Olivia Benson - 4 years ago

    I do not support this. Most times the orders are all wrong. The workers do not care about their performance and lack greatly in customer service.

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    Jobs will be lost, mark my words. Their profit margins are slim as it is, this will only make things worse in the long run.

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