Do you think MLK and Bernie Sanders were close?


  • Meek Mill - 8 years ago


  • I'm Just Sayin - 8 years ago

    LOL at the Felicity reference mentioned below.

    I have been getting in arguments regarding Bernie Sanders with his stans for a minute now. They swear that because he went to a march, Bernie deserves to get the permanent black card. Did Bernie show up at the Million Man March in the 90s? He has been a government official since the late 80s. Did he say anything after Rodney King got a televised beat down? The LA riots? Just because Bernie wants economic equality doesn't mean he wants to dismantle institutional racism...institutional racism that has probably benefited him throughout his life.

    Money doesn't stop institutional racism. If it did, Chris Rock wouldn't have a running commentary regarding getting pulled over on instagram. Chris Rock has been posting pictures every time he get pulled over by the police. Here is a hint: its a lot. Did economics play a part in the shooting of Jordan Davis...You are right, Rod. Those people names are tattooed on my soul. I'm gonna die remembering the names of people that got shot by police, vigilantes, etc.

    But anyway, back to the poll. Martin don't know who this dude is. He probably isn't even on speaking terms with Jessie Jackson (someone that actually was with Martin).

  • professlch - 8 years ago

    So proud I cape for this podcast; so utterly and very proud. Y'all better SLAY these simpin' azz dragons, TBGWT; I see you, Boos!!!!! Where's my checkbook? I'm overdue for another donation to support THIS perspective.

    BTW: this was the FIRST and BEST argument re: voting for Hillary I've heard in this pre-election season. Bernie's folks have torn their behinds on THIS significant faux pas, believe THAT.

    When you scratch the surface of progressive allies and their candidates? You find nothing but white privilege and butt-hurt wimpy feelings. There's also no THERE there; they are often filled with cotton candy dreams and lollipop ideals. They deserve to be mocked, ol' fail whale-faces that lose ALL the races!

    And, again, re: Hillary? She's taken a couple o' white privilege strappings (e.g., 2008 elections when she SWORE she was "up next," 'til Black folks showed HER the truth and light; BTW, Bernie: you ain't winning dog catcher without us, yung). Maybe that means she won't take Af-Am votes for granted; maybe she will (because white privilege is a zombie, #DontSleep).

    But, what IS clear is this: she has more modern connection and "work" -- including putting in MANY international frequent flyer miles for My President as Secretary of State -- than Bernie's whole entire life. And this is from someone who intends to give Hillary's campaign and the Democratic Party not one thin dime after MY President and his glorious family leave The White House (don't think I've forgotten how they left him without strong or significant support during his terms).

    May Episode #999 be RT-ed across the land!

  • Rae - 8 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is out here moving like Felicity Porter (from the TV show "Felicity")

    See what had happened is that one day before a march Bernie waved at MLK and MLK waved back, and at that moment Bernie decided that they were besties for life.

    And since Bernie and MLK are besties, Bernie is blacker than James Evans.

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