Naked models covered in body paint in Times Square are...

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  • taryn - 5 years ago

    True... which is why I woud never live in New York!

  • Floyd Baker - 5 years ago

    Is everyone ignorant of or forgetting that the NY State Court of Appels ruled in 1992 that women can go bare chested in NY State..? They can go without a top on anywhere in public that a man can. Walking down a sidewalk, mowing their front lawn, •anywhere•...

    The Court ruled that nipples were not 'genitals' but simply a means for women to feed their babies. They are in fact made for children. So children seeing them and it being a 'problem' is pretty funny when you think about it.

    The Court backed this up by adding the stipulation that upsetting one's 'sensibilities' was not to be an excuse or reason to take this right away from any individual.

    It is not a matter of not censoring art, no matter what the media or 'canvas', as this article and the police statements seem to want to limit it to.., but that women have the right to go totally bare chested anyway. It is totally moot to bring in body painting female breasts as a debatable issue.

    Women can be bare breasted •without• the paint..,

    Google it... NY Top Free Law... And of course you can ask a lawyer too.

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