If Alt Hist published all stories free online would you still buy an eBook or print copy?


  • ediFanoB - 9 years ago

    I read and enjoy ebooks AND print editions. I must admit that due to limited space and quite often based on the price I read more ebooks than print editions.
    But there are books which I prefer to have in printed form.
    I don't like to read books and stories online. It is to exhausting.

  • John M. Burt - 9 years ago

    I read and enjoy ebooks, and with my current entertainment budget it's almost entirely ebooks and the library these days, but on those rare occasions when I can buy a real print book and take it home to keep, I enjoy the experience immensely.
    Gregory Urbach, I'll trade you an etext of The Christmas Mutiny for one of Custer at the Alamo. :{ )

  • Gregory Urbach - 9 years ago

    I like print editions. ebooks have little attraction for me. Read Custer at the Alamo and let me know what you think.

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