Did Bernie Sander's fans make you less likely to vote for him?


  • writerchick4 - 8 years ago

    Although I agree that a lot of Bernie's stans are idiots, I will be making my decision on his actions (or lack thereof). So far he has not impressed me but his stans had nothing to do with that.

  • Bill Fritz - 8 years ago

    I was in Bernie's camp ever since he announced. Then his fans came at Elon James. Then came the Netroots debacle. Then his fans came at the entire Black Lives Matter movement, a camp about which I am far more passionate than any politician. Now there are conspiracy theories all over the web, and attempts to change the narrative of a very real movement with deep roots and a clear demand into something about horserace politics and political operatives. In other words, Sanders' supporters saw Black people demanding justice, demanding some recognition of the crisis their community is facing, and immediately sought to put themselves and their issues at the center of that conversation. Sorry Bernie, but here's one more vote you'll have to actually work for this time around.

  • Andre King - 8 years ago

    sorry, posted this in the wrong place.

  • Andre King - 8 years ago

    exactly rod on the all lives matter bullshit. This is the same reason the tea party is racist. They say they are about constitutional rights, yet when black people's rights are violated, they are nowhere to be found.

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