Do you support Trump's choice of Trey Gowdy for Attorney General?


  • Steve Wolfe - 9 years ago

    Saving our country is not any different than saving a bankrupt corporation; and Trump has already done that!
    You look at what's needed, and then surround yourself with the "dream team" of experts to do the job!
    It's really a simple concept, and we have more than enough upset and capable people (once you ignore all of the current DC Politburo) to make this happen.
    Donald, don't you DARE back out now!

  • Dawn M west - 9 years ago

    I marked other: HELL YES!!!

  • Jackie Payette - 9 years ago

    YES! I want my country back too! The greatest thing about the Trump surge is watching the Rinos try to explain away the surge. All the while ignoring the people who put them in office. They are an arrogant bunch of blatherers.

  • Roxann Eberhart - 9 years ago

    I would trust Trump & Gowdy with our country for sure. Now let's find a GREAT V.P. too! I want my country back!! Go DOGS!!

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