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How long have you been reading Diana Gabaldon's books? (Poll Closed)

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  • Kristin Matson - 9 years ago

    I first heard about this series on Entertainment Weekly. After so much publicity about the TV series, I just had to watch the darn thing. Hooked immediately, such great characters etc. I bought all 8 books on Amazon, and have been happily ( and sometimes very sadly ) reading every chance I get. I've just finished D of A and am trying to hold off awhile, before starting the next. Ha!! Fat chance. I'll probably only make it a day or two. I hear my Kindle calling with her Jamie & Claire siren song.

  • Ellis - 9 years ago

    We were going on holiday to Mexico and I was looking for a book to take and my sister knowing I liked sci fi ( Dr Who Blake 7 kind of stuff) told me about Crosstitch which she had borrowed from the library. She said it's a got a bit of sci fi and a bit of history in it just your kind of thing. Could not put it down! Bought the next two when I came home and every one as it came out. My two sisters and I love them. Beyond happy that we now have Outlander on screen with a brilliant team bringing it to life, roll on series 2 and fingers crossed for 3. Joined Twitter so I could keep up with all the tidbits everyone tweets and retweets, great fun. I'm the same age as Diana so pray I live long enough to find out how it all ends!

  • Debra McDougall - 9 years ago

    I was introduced to the Outlander books when they first came out by my town librarian. She said I would love the book and she was right. When she asked me what I thought of the book, my answer was I would go back in time for Jamie and her answer was she would prefer he come here. So thank you again to Janet and of course to Diana Gabaldon for those wonderful books.

  • cathy strube - 9 years ago

    I read Outlander in 1993 because I was looking for something substantial to read on vacation. I love long books. It took me a while to get obsessed with the series - I think that started when I begann working at a bookstore and I began recommending the series. I can't tell you how many times I've read the entire series but I need to every year or so. My favorite series ever.

  • mizzmo - 9 years ago

    I read the first 8 books in the series and some of the Lord John Series as well as ones I picked out because I thought they would fit in with what I was reading at the time. Then the characters kind of became my extended family. I am a widow with no friends or family with the exception of my daughter and grandson. Everyone else has died for one reason or another. I was very lonely until I started reading the books! Then by the time the series started I was not so lonely! I joined twitter and I enjoy it immensely although I am a stranger to the cast, crew, and everyone who posts there. I am painfully shy so I feel a bit intrusive trying to talk to those of importance so I rarely do. Donas was my first friend. I love the horses very much. I am not allowed to ride since my brain injury although I know I could if given half a chance. Oh, what I would give to ride a Friesian across the Scottish countryside!! But, as Jamie said to Claire, "One can only dream."

  • BetsyG - 9 years ago

    love the poll KarenH! and love the shout out from herself this week! As YOU already know from our trip to Scotland in 2012 I bought Outlander as a beach read many years ago...devoured it and DIA and V from my library called my sister and said YOU have to read these books! She and I shared our passion for many years waiting to find another book in the series and THEN...I got internet at home and THEN Diana published THE Outlandish Companion and I found The Ladies of Lallybroch! and THEN I made the best friends a reader could ask for and its been a lifetime of moves and children growing up and illnesses and my sister's battle with cancer that she lost and through it all I had my lallpals that are always with me because we connect mostly online and when we are very lucky in person! Ok I've waxed nostalgic enough...All Because Diana Wrote A Book...for practice...that wasn't going to be published...she wasn't...going to show it to anyone...well you and I know the REST of the story

  • Jane - 9 years ago

    I have only just started reading this series and am up to book 6. My girlfriend recommended it after I and my family had booked to go to Scotland for 2015 Hogmanay (canna hardly wait). To say I am hooked would be an understatement. I haven't been able to put down the books, I read them every spare moment I have and am only sad that soon I will have read all that is available. Will have to do the re-read immediately and am sure I will pick up so much that I have missed in my haste.

    Thank you to Diana for writing such a fabulous tale - full of adventure but plenty of poignant moments too - just finished a part in a Breath of Snow and Ashes where Jamie is carrying Jemmy - Jemmy gently kisses Jamie's scars on his back to make it feel better - the stories are beautiful throughout, not just the Claire and Jamie moments, although love them too. Canna wait for book 9.

  • Marie G. - 9 years ago

    I have a longstanding interest in WWII era fiction, and came across Outlander about 3-4 years ago while searching for such books. The "WWII combat nurse travels back in time" description frankly sounded a little nutty to me, and I therefore resisted the book for a year or so. Finally, I gave in after reading numerous passionately positive reviews. I adored Outlander and whipped through the rest of the books, stealing time to read in between my other responsibilities. I was bereft when I came to the end of Echo in the Bone and waited impatiently for MOBY to be published. I took my time with that one, savoring every page, knowing that it would be years before we'd have the next book to enjoy. I have re-read the series and was deliriously happy to hear about the STARZ series. I think the casting is simply stellar.

    Interestingly, I discovered in the midst of reading the books that I have a good number of Scottish ancestors, including the Old Fox, Simon, Lord Lovat, who resides somewhere on the family tree, along with plenty of other Highlanders! We'd visited Scotland about 30 years ago, and my husband and I just returned at the end of June from a second trip which included various Outlander-related sites. The books, and now the series, have brought many hours of reading - and viewing - pleasure.

  • Auntie Lamb - 9 years ago

    Karen - I first want to say that you are a role model for me in many ways, and I greatly admire you. Together with Tracey and Carol of "My Outlander Purgatory," you are the best people I have met in the Outlander fandom, and some of the best people I have ever encountered.

    I found Outlander around Christmas in 1992 when I came across a battered hardcover edition in a used bookstore in Philadelphia, where at the time we were living on the campus of The University of Pennsylvania. I was amazed that such a relatively new book could be so beat up. Anyway, I read it in one sitting; and the first thing the next morning I called the nearest bookstore, which was the University Bookstore, and asked one of the clerks, who was a friend, to search "Diana Gabaldon" in "Books in Print" (not much internet to speak of then) for a sequel. He found some of her academic titles and "Dragonfly." After confirming that the bookstore had a copy, and having it put on hold. I went out at 8 AM to buy it. I read IT in one sitting. I was 8 months pregnant at the time with our son, who graduated from Princeton this year. Thus was born two obsessions: "Outlander" and our kids. The books have seen me through another pregnancy (fraternal twins in 1997) and an adoption (a third son the same age as our eldest in 2000) and fifteen years of cancer treatment (non-Hodgkins lymphoma). I have read all the main and satellite books numerous times, and am currently reading out "Dragonfly" to a blind lady in a local nursing home ( we left Philadelphia for the US Midwest in 2007). We know she could listen to the audiobook, but she prefers to interact with her readers. The progress is slower, but the experience is much more beneficial for both the lady and for me.

    My favorite "Why I Love Outlander" story involves sitting in the chemo suite in 2001 reading "The Fiery Cross" when another patient came up to me and said, "You read 'Outlander'?!" In the space of two minutes we found three other patients and two nurses who were "Outlander" fans there at the time; and by the end of that week, we had a core group of fifteen blood cancer patients and caregivers who formed a reading/support group, which is still in touch today. The ebb and flow of that group over the years has been inspiring and at times very sad. We have lost some dear friends, but many of us believe that "Outlander" had a part in prolonging our lives. I know I do. Imagine our joy in learning 1) that a filmed version of the books would be made; and 2) that the actor tapped to play Jamie Fraser was a supporter of a blood cancer charity!

    Well, that's my story. Love to you!

  • Linda - 9 years ago

    A g/f gave me the first 3 books,(from her mothers yardsale) because I'm Scottish, lol ! LOVED them from the very start! Been seriously in love with Jamie and Claire ever since, and totally THRILLED with Sam and Cait!! and Tobias etc etc etc...the series is phenomenal, as is all the acting and scenery. Had been thinking about another trip "home" before Outlander, but now am being drawn back with a vengance. See you in 2017, beautiful country of my birth. Keep up the fantastic work, Ron and the gang!! xo

  • jas - 9 years ago

    Started reading the books after I saw the first episode... been addicted ever since!! Finish all 8 in two months, shortly after read all the LJG books & the novellas! I'm on my second re-read, currently on An echo in the bone. I mean these books are only three years older than me but I still wish I had discovered them before 2014. I'm not a book reader, friends would suggest book series to me all them time but I could never get into them. Something about how Diana writes her characters just pulled me in & now I'm forever a fan! Next goal I have is to get my friends to read & watch Outlander!!

  • jas - 9 years ago

    Started reading the books after I saw the first episode... been addicted ever since!! Finish all 8 in two months, shortly after read all the LJG books & the novellas! I'm on my second re-read, currently on An echo in the bone. I mean these books are only three years older than me but I still wish I had discovered them before 2014. I'm not a book reader, friends would suggest book series to me all them time but I could never get into them. Something about how Diana writes her characters just pulled me in & now I'm forever a fan! Next goal I have is to get my friends to read & watch Outlander!!

  • Robyn - 9 years ago

    I came across Outlander...while surfing the library on my kindle. It sounded like something I would I tried to borrow it...I was something like number 351 on the lists of holds. I don't remember how long it took to finally get to borrow it...but just couldn't put it down! I continued to read all the books I could get ahold of...and...I am hooked! My husband saw the show on Starz and that is how I got to see the first season on TV.

  • ksarahsarah - 9 years ago

    I first became aware of the Outlander series in 2000 0r 2001 when the Fiery Cross was on display at Borders (RIP).

    I was intrigued by the bright red cover, saw it was a series and bought the first book. I was hooked!

  • Jennifer Gardner - 9 years ago

    My ex mother in law received a complimentary copy at a Romance writers event in July, 1991. When she got back she gave it to me since I had been researching my Scottish roots - I've been hooked ever since!

  • Jan Ping - 9 years ago

    I bought the first book the summer after it was released. Took it to our condo in Florida and started reading... the kids couldn't understand why I spent the whole week reading!!!

  • Dodie Murray - 9 years ago

    I have read all 8 since last Augustwhen the show came on. And Outlander second time.Now reading Dragon in Amber for the second time. Love them.

  • Janet Gervin - 9 years ago

    Recovering from surgery, I picked up Outlander in the drugstore in April 1992. Started a Family Obsession!

  • Judith Depontes - 9 years ago

    As I am an avid reader, once I started I had to get and read the entire series over and over and over again. And the series was exceptional....following the books so well. Thanks to everyone especially Cait and Sam.

  • cheryl - 9 years ago

    here and there people would comment on future events and I didnt want the spoilers to ruin it so I went out and bought all the books and I am BINGE reading ............I wish I could speed read!

  • Ann Quitoriano - 9 years ago

    I knew at episode 8 of the show that it would never do to wait 6 months to find out what happened next so i started reading the books at the end of october. finished them all by med january. I just keep picking one up and rereading a favorite part then just keep going till im at the end again. sickly addicted.

  • Sandy - 9 years ago

    Someone recommended the series to me in February of 2014. I started listening to the audio books and was thrilled some time that summer to find out it was to be a show! I'm rereading the books on paper now, because i retain the details better if it was read in print.

  • Bruna - 9 years ago

    These books helped me to survive to a terrible moment in my life. I'be been very happy when it became a series on TV. The more we know these story, the more we will be better.

  • Michelle Willis - 9 years ago

    I had I friend from work that bugged me to read the first 4 back in the mid 90s . I did and oblivious loved them . Then saw the series on starz,and fell in love with them all over again . And was very happy to find out there are more books in series now . I'm on Voyager now and can't wait to read the rest .

  • Helen Cantle - 9 years ago

    I cant believe its taken me so long to find these books as i am an avid reader.. only heard of them when a friend put a comnent on facebook about the one she was reading so i asked her about them then inmediatly dowmloaded the whole series to my kindle. Havent beendissapointed they are brilliant

  • Cristina Reinbold - 9 years ago

    Hello Karen, very good talk about outlander !!!

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