What is your ultimate favourite Columbo episode?

  • Irish - 4 weeks ago

    I love Ruth Gordon in any role. One of the greats!

  • Darrell - 10 months ago

    Murder By the Book has always been my favorite. Jack Cassidy is perhaps the most perfect murderer in the whole entire series- the entire episode he is so full of hubris and pomposity that when his plan unravels he still stares down the threats and looks as if every desperate action was planned that way.

    RIP Jack Cassidy


    RIP Ross Martin, gone too soon and another outstanding Columbo villain.

  • Simon - 11 months ago

    Columbo is the ONLY series that I watch almost daily when I’m in bed preparing to sleep, I have watched each and every episode more than 50 to 75 times, I almost memorized them by heart, it’s really difficult to chose only one favorite, even though I voted for Any old port in a storm, but there are many favorites that are as matching such as, prescription Murder, murder by the book, suitable for framing, a stitch in crime, and the amazing Try and catch me, and many more.
    This is a true classic that will live for many decades to come.

  • Jaya Jayaraja - 11 months ago

    My introduction to Columvo as a teenager was Troubled Waters, that got me hooked. My favourite episodes are Swan Song and Murder Under Glass. In the end when Columbo finally piece the murder together Johnny Cash asks him if he's going to be handcuffed. And Columbo says anybody who can sing like that and touch so many hearts can't be that really evil
    And in Murder Under Glass which was directed by the late Jonathan Demme of Silence of the Lamb was a pure joy. Louis Jordan was the ultimate smug self satisfied killer. The ping ponging between Jordan and Falk was a pure joy

  • Matthew Burton - 2 years ago

    Murder by the Book is my all time favourite episode closely followed by A Friend In Deed, and Any Old Port in a Storm. I'm also particularly fond of The By Bye Sky High Murder IQ Case, and Troubled Waters, which should've been a Love Boat tie-in haha. So many to choose from of the original run. I have them all on dvd but we rarely watch the 'new' ones.

  • Kevin - 2 years ago

    I like many episodes for many different reasons. But the way the victim fingers his killer in Try and Catch Me, using the title page of the killer’s soon-to-be-published manuscript, is absolute genius! I can sit down and watch any Columbo episode at any given moment!

  • Rebecca - 2 years ago

    Requiem for a Falling Star, I just love the Hollywood backlot setting, the costumes, Anne Baxter, Edith Head’s cameo, Columbo’s banter with Nora, Mel Ferrer’s performance, the guy who owns the studio who tells Columbo “You have an obtuse manner which some find ingratiating, I do not.” Haha. The multiple twists keep you guessing. It’s just overall great. A+. This and Forgotten Lady are my two favorites, with A Friend in Deed coming in second. Shoutout to Columbo’s stumbling down a large hill (it’s a little uh...steep!) in Greenhouse Jungle as well.
    -Rebecca ❤️????

  • Chuck - 2 years ago

    Milo Janus is where it's at!!!

  • Philip Morton - 2 years ago

    Definitely Suitable for Framing for me, closely followed by Bye Bye Sky High IQ. Something very satisfying about watching a smug ‘too clever to be caught’ smart alec be out-manoeuvred by our favourite humble genius.

  • MR C L SOMERS-JAMES - 2 years ago

    My favourite is Make me a perfect Murder, not only is Trsh Van de vere excellent as the cool, calm, in control Kay, the music in this episode is superb and sets the tone.perfectly.

  • Tunaman - 3 years ago

    Why is Any Old Port so highly ranked here?? So many other better ones like Try and Catch Me, Double Exposure, Columbo Cries Wolf, ones with more jaw-dropping endings.

  • Fraser McMartin - 3 years ago

    Forgotten Lady is my favorite episode with Bye Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case coming in a close second. Janet Leigh is phenomenal as is good old Peter F.... also love the two house staff (butler/maid man & wife) first half of the episode is the best in my opinion as the build up is just second to none - also the only episode we see Columbo actually letting the killer GO FREE!

  • Mark Doughty - 3 years ago

    Columbo was and is fantastic entertainment; I remember growing up with it in the 1970's. I loved all the other cop shows from around that time as well of course, but for me, Columbo was head and shoulders above the others. Even the late '80's early '90's new episodes were solidly made. The '70's were the golden years but Peter Falk proved that time hadn't dulled Columbo's razor sharp detection skills and it's very hard to imagine anyone else, such as Bing Crosby who was initially offered the role, playing the part of the maverick detective; much as with anyone other than William Shatner playing the part of the original Captain Kirk - they both made the parts their own.

    "Just one more thing..."

  • Nikki H. - 4 years ago

    Try And Catch Me, with Ashes to,Ashes a close second!

  • Gareth - 4 years ago

    Greenhouse Jungle. His wife has bought him a new overcoat and he rolls down a hill! It doesn't get much better than that!!

  • Lee - 5 years ago

    Although I did not vote for it, Prescription Murder should be higher up in my opinion ;-)

  • Valerie - 5 years ago

    Fav ;)

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