Do you think that I (Roy Ngerng) should run for the coming election? (Poll Closed)

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  • someone - 5 years ago

    jia you ^^

  • Rolleyes - 5 years ago

    Ya go run. So that at least $14500 of what you scammed from some of these gullible and misguided people can be returned to the treasury and used for public good.

  • koh joon soo - 5 years ago

    Be the next pm! we need you to return all our cpf.

  • koh joon soo - 5 years ago

    Be the next pm! we need you to return all our cpf.

  • Singaporeans First - 5 years ago

    Remember when u are voted in, get Temasek and GIC to give us all their profits. Make transport affordable! (Preferably free for all singaporeans) Healthcare cost should be affordable too. Singaporeans should just pay a nominal fee eg:$1 (like our neighbor)

  • anAlian - 5 years ago

    go for it!

  • GY - 5 years ago

    Do it!
    Choose the party that suits you best. SDP? or Singfirst?

  • Tan Choon Hong - 5 years ago

    Do run. SG needs more voices in Parliament to fight oppression, injustice and unfairness.
    One caveat: no multi-cornered fights please.

  • johnson - 5 years ago

    just do it n contribute to get our country right for all singaporeans

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    By all means Roy!

    Run for the coming (General) election and do good things inside Parliament for us, for our children and for our children's children.

    Kum-sia, Nian-ching-ren! My family and I will owe you a big, big, big debt (but not so if you ever turned crooked). God bless you as you faithfully work to fulfill your calling.

  • KK TAN - 5 years ago

    Hi Roy,

    Go for it. You have nothing to lose. Give L$L more to worry about this GE.

  • SingaPaul - 5 years ago

    Hi Roy,

    If running for office, would suggest you don't do it on your own.
    Join a political party, see the magic behind the curtains and see if if this is what you want.

    Personally, I think politicians in Singapore are jokes (both PAP and WP).

    The $15K paycheck is one way they keep you quiet. ( Other than being sued by the person who happen to be the PM of Singapore.)

    Don't rush!! Follow the party and work behind the scene first. Know the enemy, know your strength then fight the war.

  • l'ingenieur - 5 years ago

    To Nick: Mai sabo can?

    "What have you got to Lose? NOTHING." Except maybe the election deposit?

    To DC: Please try to understand that it is a civil suit, with only the damages awaiting pronouncement and possible appeal. If you want you can go sue the PM in a civil suit also, but it will not disqualify him from standing for office.

    "You have a pending lawsuit and it will disqualify you even you are elected."

    Roy: I suppose you have managed to learn how to run a Town Council. Learn how to take over the management system when AIM withdraws it from your new ward. Learn the administrative procedures in the Town Councils Act. It's good that you feel ready for this.

  • K - 5 years ago

    The elections are a popularity contest.

    Young man, go learn how to be popular first. You're not a popular person. You won't stand a chance.

  • nizhemoshou - 5 years ago

    u are the right person sorely needed by SG to run the country, So pl stand for GE but not as independant . However as u are marked by pap , not sure any oppo parties willing to accept u into their team.

    As u have been sconvicted in court for defamation, , are sure u can be eligible to stand for GE?.

  • Nick - 5 years ago

    Just Do It !
    Don't over think it or waste too much time on polls, which may or may not be accurate.
    The final arbiter is the GE results.

    You already show that as a gay, you have more balls to face oppression, than most men here. Joking only ok...well, at least no one can throw "dirt" on you to say you're gay! (Remember Vincent's case?) LOL.
    They may still try to call you "bipolar insane" and throw you into IMH though... LOL.

    What have you got to Lose? NOTHING.
    You already lost your job & unlikely to get another one in your own country and you're already being sued for large sums of money. At least $16K/mth may help to fight for your CPF cause better.

    If you do win a seat, then it shows your message is required by the people.
    If not, you don't need to waste time here & should migrate while you're young, since the people here do not bother even about their CPF monies? So, this is your BEST opportunity to find out and remove any more guessing.

  • DC - 5 years ago

    You have a pending lawsuit and it will disqualify you even you are elected. Join a political party and wait for the next election after 2015. In meantime wirk hard, fight for rights of Singaporean, build up your credibility. You r still young. Time on yourside. Good luck.

  • Chun Huei - 5 years ago

    I suppports you. I hoping you get parliament to stand up for singaporean.

  • Joshua - 5 years ago

    Roy should do
    And makes boring Sg

  • nk - 5 years ago

    your article won not just my vote, but also my heart. You have my full support.

  • senior 72 - 5 years ago

    You are young and should stand for election under branded opposition party. If you are elected into parliament, you should speak up for the people against the unpopular papies policies.

  • Sin Ga Po Lang - 5 years ago

    No need ask for endorsement ! The fact being that so many Singaporeans had donated to you to fight PM Lee already proved beyond words !

    Every true blue Singaporean can run for elections !

    One dun need to be TOP Cambridge graduate or professor, because like PAP, one can always form committee of inquiry when crises happen, one can have all the top civil servants support and suggestions !

    But PAP had been brainwashing Singaporean that they are indispensable !!! Many Singaporean are still naive to believe PAP alone run the whole show !

  • slacker - 5 years ago

    While I am an Opposition voter and will vote for SDP in my GRC, I will strongly discourage you.

    Support the current Opposition parties instead of running as a candidate.

    If you run as a candidate, people would say that you have "ulterior" plans in your fight against the Establishment.

    If you lend your support to Opposition parties, your cause is beyond partisan lines and that makes you stand above all candidates (especially the shameless PAP), as you are truly fighting for Singaporeans, not for a 16K/month seat in Parliament.

    Anyway, the decision is yours and may you choose a wise one.

  • Kelvin - 5 years ago

    Ya RN go for it. Sg need people like u compassionate speaking truth for the suffering of local true blue and this should be debated in parliament instead of HLP. The people r behind u and supporting and know what is going on. Join a credible party

  • Beea - 5 years ago

    Yes I think you should, as long as you continue to have a "pure heart" and not let the shitty business of politics and power change you and your vision.

  • jean - 5 years ago

    yes. you and some of the OPPs are what our Singapore needs. a good change of hands to make up the new gov. Good Luck.

  • Tham WK - 5 years ago

    Roy, at the very least you have the heart and love your Singaporean comrades that deserves you joining and run the Election. Unlike all those in the current PAP Team who cares only for their own pocket which doesn't deserve the qualities in putting them in the cabinet to lead this nation.

  • quanxi - 5 years ago

    Pls run as your are passionate.You are one political gem we cannot miss in Parliament.U are better than TPL for sure.

  • Tan Ray - 5 years ago

    Roy, the future is in your hand and yours. You will bring dignity to the country and its populace. We have heard you loud and clear with compassion and concern for the country's future. Even if you don't succeed in your first endeavour, you look very promising to enter parliament in future elections. You are still young and time is on your side. A good move. Wish you all the best with my blessings.

  • F Tan - 5 years ago

    Dear Roy, you should join SDP in this coming GE2015 as you have had all the abilities and qualification.

  • Lau Hero - 5 years ago

    Hi RN. U should join opposition party.Suggest u form or join an opposition ward in AMK GRC to challenge the PeeAmm. Little Li will have sleepness nite. Tis will make sure Xiao Li stay up in his GRC bz campaigning..We will support u RN.

  • Lim Boh Seng - 5 years ago

    Dear Roy, Your Destiny Is In God's Hand:) U Are Cabinet Material? Remember "Underdog" & Average Joe: Chavez, Reagan, Arnold, Jokowi, Mahathir & LKY? Go4it!!!

  • Alex - 5 years ago

    I support u

  • Return Our CPF $$$!!! - 5 years ago

    Roy, U Represent The Future & "Silenced" Majority Bro:( God Bless U & Save SG:) Regime Change Come GE2015!!!

  • Mike chan - 5 years ago

    U r a natural leader of democracy! Go for it, Roy! Join SDP or Singfirst

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