Who do you think won Fox News’ prime-time debate for Republican presidential candidates?

  • JAMES M BENNETT SR. - 5 years ago

    Trump would have wiped up the floor,even more if Megan Fox wasn't intentionally trying to make Donald look bad.He still won by far, But the GOP wants him out,Because he can't be bought,like the rest of GOP.The rest of the GOP hopefuls,looked like they were trying to appease their owner/ controllers That tell them what to say,SORRY I EVEN WATCHED THIS PATHETIC DISPLAY OF MISFITS.THEY WOULDN'T BE ELECTED TO RUN A TROOP OF CUB SCOUTS,MUCH LESS THE PRES. OF AMERICA.

  • Dave Lupinski - 5 years ago

    They all toed the party line for the approval of their financial backers. Nothing original. Trump was entertaining because he shouted the party line in its raw and crudest form.

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