Who do you think won the 9PM Fox News Debate?

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Poll posted 4 years ago.


  • Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. - 4 years ago

    Cruz will continue to gain popularity [here and elsewhere], for his political supporters are akin to being attracted to a Black-Hole [from which few will emerge thereafter to support anyone else]

  • Jenai - 4 years ago

    Walker, Huckabee, and Carson are my favorites; Paul and Christie my least favorites. However, it is a very different question to ask 'who won' a debate. That is based in how well they responded to questions, how well they presented themselves, how well they recovered when tripped up, whether or not the debate made them look more or less favorable, how well they focused on clearly stating their own views vs. mudslinging, etc. As far as debate skills go, this is my analysis:

    Top Tier: Rubio (6), Kasich(5.5), Huckabee (5)
    Middle Tier: Christie(4.5), Walker(6), Cruz(3.5), Bush (6), Carson (5)
    Low Tier: Paul (3), Trump, 0


    #1 Rubio: Very strong debate presentation. He presented facts in some of his answers vs. depending on rhetoric. His answers were good, his speaking was clear and not bloated or rambling. His overall charisma on stage while maintaining composure was possibly the best.

    #2 Walker: Good answers. Nice consistency of presentation, well-rounded. Also seemed prepared with actual numbers to give out.

    #4 Bush: Presented well, a lot better than I had expected. Confident and serious. Most of his answers, regardless of whether or not I agreed with them, were well formulated. He had a refreshingly optimistic tone regarding the American spirit and future.

    #4 Huckabee: Had a knack for avoiding the gotcha questions and refocusing on the larger issue, while still not going off-topic. A few nice turns of phrase as well, showing good speaking skills under pressure. Was succinct enough to analyze problems and present possible solutions in limited time.

    #5 Kasich: Interesting presentation. He is one of my least favorite candidates, but had decent debating skills. While he did not always address questions head on, he did have good awareness of the larger issues, and a refreshing degree of diplomacy.

    #6 Christie: Strong presenter, though more easily flustered than some others. Good ability to think on his feet.

    #7 Carson: Some strong answers, but his confidence seemed to waver a lot throughout the night. He seemed weary, though his sense of humor still came out now and then.

    #8 Cruz: Strong oratory skills, though substance was sometimes less than flair.

    #9 Paul: Had a few good moments, but overall came off as sulky. He was the only one who took Trump to task for lauding the praises of single-payer healthcare, though, so that was nice.

    #10 Trump: Specifically avoided saying he even WAS a republican when asked about his evolution from democrat to republican, avoided answering most questions directly, announced no specific plans other than 'build a wall', was the only volunteer to 'not pledge' not to run as a third party, mixed up frank speaking with insults as if the next president should be familiar with playground taunts, did not present well under pressure, acted like he was the only republican who cared about illegal immigration, etc. When asked for specific evidence or proof, he could never give specifics. Overall, I expected him to present stronger in debate skills, but his presentation was weak and he did not seem to have strong grounding in what his opponents actually believed. His ability to recover and respond well to 'bait' questions was very poor; other candidates responded far better. Perhaps the craziest moment was when he actually advocated that a single-payer healthcare system would have worked 15 years ago, and blamed those greedy insurance companies for healthcare's problems - a talking point far more democrat than republican. The second craziest moment was when he praised himself for using money to put politicians in his pocket, as if that were a good thing.

  • Denise - 4 years ago

    Chris Wallace and Megan Kelly have verbalized their dislike of Donald Trump for a long time on FOX, allowing them to be moderators made Hilary and Obama very happy, AS they were disgustingly hateful. Donald wants to WIN, to save our great country from these other politicians, as each will fail TO ACTUALLY LEAD AND MAKE HE RIGHT DECISIONS if not worse, as President.

    1. With the RNC's endless hatred for a Business Outsider like MR. TRUMP, who the RNC cannot control
    2. The individual selected FOX Contributors, which always get their discriminating opinions against TRUMP heard on FOX leading up to this programmed debacle. Each of these Truths were openly displayed on that "Catastrophic and Laughable Presidential Debate Stage."

    Since they started with Trumps Bankruptcies being a PUBLIC question, they should have asked every Candidate on stage, who WERE THEIR POLITICAL LOBBYIST AND THE FINANCIERS BACKING EACH THEIR CAMPAIGN, since RUMP is funding his own, HE maybe the very first Presidential Candidate to do so in the History of this country.



    FOX NEWS should openly state at he beginning of every News Program this is;


  • Steve - 4 years ago

    Trump played his part just as scripted by his Democratic donors wishes, he's playing for a split vote that will guarantee the Democratic Party control of the reins for the coming election.
    He has no substance other than to disparage his fellow candidates as well as the general non wasp public. He is a bad manager of business who pads his bank account off of the bankruptcy laws he lives on. He gets his and then runs leaving his creditors holding the bag, shameful business management.

    He should be embarrassed to be on the stage with the other candidates! Go build a golf course douche!

  • OBI wan - 4 years ago

    Trump was prompted to participate by the Clinton's so he can make the Republicans look dumb....which isn't that hard, they do a pretty good job on their own. The more he weakens the field the better for Hillary. Fortunately most with any sense aren't buying it. The drudge poll was a farce as you could vote as often as you wanted. Interesting to see the supposed front runner (Bush) at the bottom along with that whale mouth Christie and willie Walker.
    The only one of real substance and action versus hot air, lies and inaction Is Rand Paul.
    The rest pale in comparison and will be like the ones before them.....all talk and no action, just more of the same or worse...say one thing and do another. With Trump....be careful what you wish for unless you want Hillary or Bush....which is what the scam is all about. Trump is correct. He knows how the game is played and he is playing both sides as usual....anything that benefits Trump and the heck with the rest.

    Don't be so naive as to fall for the Trump. The sooner he gets lost the better.

  • Jeff - 4 years ago

    Candidates 10 Fox News 0 . Megan is just trying to make a name for herself. Notoriety brings fame. Fame brings fortune. I thought fox was this big tea party supporter. No more Q & A debates please. Let the candidates take off the gloves and show their true colors. That is a real debate.

  • Charles Smith - 4 years ago

    DONALD TRUMP is definitely getting most of the attention following the debate. This is to be expected. Did anyone with a brain think that this would not be the case? What I found most disturbing was his not ruling out a third party run for the presidency if he does not secure the Republican Party nomination for the presidency!!! Plus his treatment of MEGYN KELLY was shameful. But the big winner of the night was definitely CARLY FIORINA!!! I do not believe that she will win the GOP primary. But whoever secures the Republican Party's nomination for POTUS should definitely consider her as his running mate as she will be most effective in taking the fight to the Democrat Party's nominee. And CARLY FIORINA will be very helpful in responding to the "Republican War on Women" smear that we all know the Democrats and the mainstream media will make in this presidential campaign season and all future campaigns to come!!!

  • Patty - 4 years ago

    They ignored Cruz....he didn't get equal time...the moderators were focused too much on attacking Trump&boosting Jeb. When Cruz speaks he's honest, straight forward, confident and principled. I think Trump lost, along with Rand....Trump showed he's thin skinned. Rand came out desperate for attention and angry. Christie was too angry also...Kasich and Huckabee had some strong responses but Huckabee had his chance and Kasich doesn't seem confident enough. Carson is methodical and had some good responses but he doesn't have the passion. He'd be good for surgeon general. Walker and Rubio did well but I don't think they stood out. Surprisingly the Frank Luntz group saw Cruz as presidential and smart despite his lack of questions. I think the earlier debate was more fair and gave everyone more equal time. Carly did best in that group and should move up. Overall, I think she'll move up in polls, along with Huckabee and Cruz...Paul, Trump and Christie will go down...along with Perry and many others in the first group. The rest just didn't seem very significant or stand out.

  • HeyJudeOregon - 4 years ago

    Very disappointed how the debate was run. Each Candidate should have had equal time in answering questions. Too many dumb questions thrown at Trump. Grow up FOX! You made yourself look like CNN! You were far from fair.

    I would have loved to have heard more from Ted Cruz and less from Jeb Bush who Fox must favor. Why else would Bush have polled 2nd in your poll system. BUSH STUNK! So far my vote is with Ted Cruz because he stands up to the Republican party. Mitch McConnell IS a liar! Ask coal miners from Kentucky!


  • Jim Wheeler - 4 years ago

    It's a shame people can't see how much we need Rand Paul. He represents true change, he would be up there with JFK on reforming our great country. I really wish more people would pay him attention. His father is an inspiration, and he takes after him. They are kind, honest men who want the best for everyone.

  • Bill Farman - 4 years ago

    A poorly planned ambush on Trump. Wether or not you like Donald Trump, Fox News was trying to manipulate the viewers. This was a failure. Frank Luntz, another miss.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    Trump was horrible. He spouted his overblown rhetoric with no real answers. He hurts the party. I can't believe anyone thought he won.

  • Bo - 4 years ago

    Guys and Gals, even if you believe that Trump was given horrible ridiculing questions............he handled it so badly. Were you all this defensive of Ron Paul in the debates from the last election, because I guarantee you he had it much worse!

  • Jeffrey Dawson - 4 years ago

    What a disappointing debate. Why did the 3 moderators have to go personally ballistic on some of the candidates? Why didn't they ask each and every candidate the same questions on a certain topic like immigration, economy, terrorism, foreign policy and how they would handle it.Some of the candidates got more time than the others, ie, Jeb Bush People want details from each but how can you do it in one minute. I would give Fox News a big fat "F". What a sham of a debate. What a crock of doodie. What a waste of 2 hours!

  • Jay Byrd - 4 years ago

    FOX NEWS....... Why am I not hearing YOU talk about YOUR own Poll Results??? Does it NOT FIT into YOUR Narrative????? Why would YOU IGNORE your own results?????? Are you NOT being HONEST about this?

    Jay Byrd

  • Richard - 4 years ago

    Wow. So many people support Trump because they are sick of what is going on in this country. Are they blind to what he basically admitted. He represents half of the government monetary persuasion equation. He is one of the ones buying off the politicians and getting them to do that which they do and for which his supporters so vehemently disagree. His only benefit to the conservative movement is that his arrogance allows him to bring issues to the forefront in a brash manner that allows the other candidates to field them in a thoughtful and levelheaded way.

  • Ellie - 4 years ago

    Front page of my newspaper- bombastic billionaire steals the spotlight. I think this headline was written and decided before the debate. All this talk about Trump is so frustrating- I appreciate the attention (all) he is bringing to the republican party but there is no substance behind his rhetoric. Now that the country is watching, it is time for noble, articulate discussion on real solutions (not just "we're in big trouble!"). Many of the other candidates rise to this standard and I would be happy to support them but Ted Cruz stands out with his record, his clearly spoken solutions and his obvious intellect. I hope that we as a nation will give the thought and consideration required in choosing our next president and move beyond the game show atmosphere and baseless comments promoted by much of the media.

  • Debi - 4 years ago

    Cruz took the lead with his answers and closing. This wasn't even a debate, it was an "ask and answer". Fox could of done a lot better. They catered to the wimps, especially Rand Paul, he failed as far as I'm concerned.
    I love Dr. Carson, and if we were not in such a crisis I would bank on him. But we HAVE to put Senator Cruz in office if we want to save this country and get the job done fast!!
    Cruz & Carson are the perfect pair!!

  • Carolyn Mash - 4 years ago

    I am very glad that Trump was asked the first question. I am hoping it did him in. I've always liked him until last night. So, now he has put us in a very bad situation. Elect him as President or he will run on his own, handing the Democrats a win with Hillary Clinton as President. A horrible thought, indeed. I felt that Marco Rubio won the last debate. Bobby Jindle, Ted Cruz and John Kasich all did great also. I, also, liked Jeb Bush a lot. Carly Fiarino is now going to jump big time in the polls. It would benefit any winning candidate to choose her as Vice President, if she does not win the whole thing herself. She would beat Hillary Clinton easily, I feel. I'll bet Hillary is already scared to pieces of Carly. I still love FOXNews, even though they not at their very best last night. They are, by far, the most trustworthy news program, period. I also think Ben Carson presented himself nicely, and will maintain his poll numbers easily. All in all, I feel the first debate of the season was a success and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it.

  • Jim - 4 years ago

    Megan and Fox are not conservative. Facebook/zuckerberg sponsored this debate, what did you expect? They're trying very hard to coronate a candidate who is weak (Dole, McCain, Romney) and won't stand up to an aggressive liberal. Megan showed her true colors months ago when she referred to video of a police cruiser running over a criminal who had been shooting a shotgun at cops as "shocking". Megan, you came out swinging like a man at Trump but when he defended himself you want to hide behind "crossed legs". Fox is now banned in my home.

  • Scot S. - 4 years ago

    I can not believe that people actually think Trump won. He said absolutely nothing. Gave zero details on how he would solve anything. All he did was call people names. What has happened to the American people? We deserve what we get. Just like the last 8 years. I am stunned Trump is leading in this poll. I hope it is rigged and the Trump people are just going and voting over and over. We have really lowered our standards.

  • ernie - 4 years ago

    If you base winning the debate on being caustic with the moderators, and I didn't care for their questions to Trump either, but never giving a plan on how to solve this country's many problems other than I can get it done, I guess to some people Trump wins. I'm tired of the establishment politicians too but trying hard to find one out of the 17 that will do what he says will do based on principles and not the money influence of donors. At this point, I'm going with Cruz. Our country cannot be "Grubered" in this election. Eight years is enough.

  • Warren Wallis - 4 years ago

    Trump is drawing attention to the GOP candidates, which is a good thing! He's the "rabbit" in the race who will eventually tire and flame out, but having succeeded in the attention grab.
    Clearly Carly Fiorina belongs on the varsity team as she may have been the best performer in the overall field of participants. Who better to call out Hillary than another woman? She was well prepared and provided succinct and thoughtful answers! She gained considerable in my estimation as did Cruz, Carson, and Rubiio

  • Don Hallock! - 4 years ago

    Mr.Trump told the truth! America loves him! He will make a great president! Trump! 2016!

  • Russell Davis - 4 years ago

    Trump basically trumped - with a bit of help from Fox. If Rand Paul got the points that others got for stealing Paul 's lines he would have been second or third in the polls ranking.

  • Can't Stump the Trump - 4 years ago

    FoxNews It was a good try.... I guess. hahaha Trump will never fall and back down to liberal cowards. Trying to sabotage his campaign really did backfire. He leads every poll. Even higher than before. Let's try asking real questions next time. FoxNews is a bunch of snakes that can't handle the truth.

  • Frieda - 4 years ago

    FOX really diminished themselves in the eyes of so many Americans with their CHARACTER ASSASSINATION EFFORTS on Donald Trump. Here they hyped up the big debate for weeks, whetting our appetites, and we all thought we'd finally get to hear the various candidates speak on their positions on issues critical to America. Instead, we were treated to a HATCHET JOB of the most ugly sort. FOX literally AMBUSHED Trump!

    Shame on you, FOX! Do not be surprised if your ratings plummet as a result of this little escapade. WHAT gives YOU the right to try to manipulate who we American citizens get to vote for?

  • Leslie Miller - 4 years ago

    I agree with the people who lost respect for Fox not so fair and selectively balanced News.
    Fox New did a terrible job in my opinion ...They spent too much time dictating what our foreign policy should be based on lying discredited poor intelligence agencies (that prefer spying on us than finding WMD). They spent the rest of their energy trying to stump Trump and marginalizing Rand Paul's time because they are totally AFRAID of BOTH of them. Thankfully the debate didn't hurt either one of them, but it wasted our time and prevented us from learning more ab out trump's plans. Rand Paul won the debate.Ben Carson profited the most from it.

  • lynnie - 4 years ago

    I was completely shocked at the questions that were asked of Donald Trump. They did not ask him one question that had to do with the issues. It was an attempt at character assassination plain and simple. He held him temper wonderfully. I actually would have liked to see him tell them all to go screw and walk off the stage.

    He is still our best hope, the others are politicians saying the same stuff over and over.

  • Daphne - 4 years ago

    Stop with the Trump pity party. You obviously want Hillary to win because that is exactly what him running was setup to do... good grief, he is a rich and selfish windbag.

  • Daphne - 4 years ago

    We need someone who is not falsely charming. Being charming has nothing to do with a persons character or their love for the US. Rand Paul is about action, he is about the constitution and he is for the people--he also does great in foreign policy. No, he is not going to make you feel all squishy inside, he has work to do and he does actively get things done as a Senator. Please, do not fall for the same old tricks of charm or good lord, for a loud mouth. I also like Ben Carson.

  • Steve - 4 years ago

    Wow, so many Trump Chumps...
    Does no one understand how much trouble his mouth would put this country in? Calling foreign leaders 'dummy', 'idiot', 'horrible person' and 'loser' will put us in the crosshairs of many. 1 month into his campaign and he already has Chapo looking for him. Still waiting for the proof that the Mexican govt sends their rapists and murderers over here.
    Please, if you support Trump, and you truly want to Make America Great Again, get the fuck out and make it happen.

  • Blue Fox - 4 years ago

    The way the Moderators tried to bait Donald Trump was disgusting. Megan Kelly should be ashamed of herself; she is Negative Personified! I am a Woman and did not like the idea that War on Women should be a topic. Our Country is in Desperate Need of a Leader! Listen to what Mr. Trump has to say and what he can do for Our Country! The American People are Angry, Frustrated, and Sick of Politicians speaking with Forked Tongues!

  • Mel Hughes - 4 years ago

    I was extremely disappointed with the questions posed to bait Mr Trump. The question from Megan Kelly regarding his twitter quarrel with Rosy O'Donnell was absolutely ridiculous. I am a woman by the way - and don't believe for one minute that Mr Trump is a part of the so called "war on women". I tuned in to hear candidates views on the issues, not questions pulled from the pages of tabloid trash! These so called moderators seemed to be out to sabotage him - like seek and destroy missiles!
    I've watched Fox News for years but will no longer tune into any of these moderators shows again. It was very unprofessional.

  • Tracie Alo - 4 years ago

    I personally found it interesting that whenever Been Carson was speaking, the camera angle would show Scott Walker nodding on agreement.

  • Laurie - 4 years ago

    Disapointed that the moderators joined the RNC and DEMS to get trump out! Not saying I am voting for him or anyone yet, BUT I want to hear what trump has in mind for the country to fix it and don't care what he has said about Rosie O'Donell at least he stood up to her big mouth FAT butt!!! I am a woman and do not believe that Donald trump is against women!!! I am soooo scared for this country, as we all should be, and I want to know what his fix it plans are as well as the others!!! Stop with trying to get him out as much as letting us voters decide when he has a chance to speak, we the people are not stupid!!!!

  • Bo - 4 years ago

    Oh...let me just add to my last post....I thought Kasich did pretty well too.

  • Connie Lewis - 4 years ago

    So disappointed in FoxNews. Almost turned off the debate after the first terrible question. As a Fox viewer of many years I will no longer watch Megan Kelly, Brett Biar or Chris Wallace again. They did a huge disservice to voters that tumed in to watch a debate of canidates not a bashimg of Donald Trump,

  • Bo - 4 years ago

    Well.. I was disappointed. I feel like my man Rand Paul gave a poor performance. Not that he was wrong....it's that for a debate.....it's not just about being wrong or right, but about how you present yourself. I feel as if many people will feel that Christie won the battle against Paul, despite my belief that Christie was wrong and Paul was right.

    He also made these arrogant/snarky faces. He attacked Trump rather than let him fall on his own face....just not a good idea. He could sure learn a thing or two from Ben Carson. I hope he evaluates his performance and takes a humble pill....because he has to do well next time.

    I think Rubio, Carson, and Huckabee did very well (performance wise). I don't trust Rubio or Huckabee at all though, and I think the fair tax is horrible. I thought Trump did horrible....maybe the only one with a poorer performance than Paul, and he also seemed like he didn't want to answer the questions. I know how disrespectfully they treated Ron Paul when he was running, but didn't really see that Trump was singled out like that the way some commenters here do. I may have to see the debate again.

    The other candidates seemed dull and uninspiring to me.

  • Shirley Welch - 4 years ago

    No way did Trump win!! Carson Cruez Marco Huckabee .,

  • Paul Giles - 4 years ago

    Mr. Trump is a tough guy and would be so much better than the weaklings we have now. Megan was disappointing with her obvious bias against Mr. My Trump.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Yes, what a way to take the air out of the room. I also feel that question was of design. You just had to ask that question right from the start. That set the tone for the whole evening, shame on you. Your are no better then the democrats this time. I hope that Bill O will take The lead next time. It remains obvious that this was not fair and balanced, not this time. I was very disappointed with your slickly designed questions and timing to Donald. I am going to bed sick not energised.

  • Melinda - 4 years ago

    Shame on the 3 Fox moderators. They were on a "witch hunt" and should all be fired. Not fair and balanced.

  • Charles - 4 years ago

    Trump had the most sh#t to deal with.. they were the most unfair to him. and he dealt with it beautifully, where others would not have, so he won.

  • james cooper - 4 years ago

    fair and balanced if you are a RNC establishment player. Hats off to Trump for not kissing Megans rear end. Its a shame because I really like her but she needs to stick to the news instead of being the water carrier for the RNC - shameless and very low class on hers and FOXs tactics - even the group think tank at the end - they answered just as they were led to answer - Its no surprise that FOX has openly sharing the fact they think Trump is a joke all the while giving more tan ample airtime to CHristie and Bush .

  • Gary - 4 years ago

    FOX seems to have gone into the gutter with its questions from Kelly and Wallace. I have learned some time ago the FAIR AND BALANCED is just a saying for FOX and is not true at all. I only watch a select few programs, like Lou Dobbs and Cavuto, as they have level heads. But what KELLY and Wallace did tonight, I certainly will never watch them. Shameful.

  • Sarah - 4 years ago

    Trump was definitely a target and that bias is continuing on Megan Kelly's show. Absolute shame how she baited him and is now playing the "female" card. I am a woman and Megan Kelly does not speak for me or how I feel. We are not sheep out here. Buck up. You deserved more than you got from Donald Megan for that round of garbage you pullanned and delivered. I respect his honesty and no longer will watch Ms Kelly. Hang n there Donald!

  • Charles (Kansas City, Mo.) - 4 years ago

    Whether you like Donald Trump or not, what they (Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace) did to him was completely disgusting. Even with the totally below the belt, gutter trash questions... HE STILL TOLD THE TRUTH! Fox really showed their asses tonight, and major cudos to Trump for not going thuglife on them.

  • Joanna svoboda - 4 years ago

    I can't believe trump has so many supporters after what he said I hope this pole is wrong. There's 4 others that are better than him

  • Jerri Thedfird - 4 years ago

    Very disappointed in the "fair and balanced" Fox News team. I will never watch Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace again because of their attacks on Trump. You did NOT change my mind....TRUMP 2016!

  • Yolanda Talbert - 4 years ago

    My husband & I voted each on your poll, so no we did not voted twice! We found your Fox News Debate 2016 so bias & the questions that were asked of Donald Trump was loaded of charactor assassination, not related to how he intends to govern our nation. Your commentator Megyn Kelly was baiting him against the other candidates hoping to get a negative reaction out of him? It is our hope your organization is not allowed to sponsor the next debate because you are all very unprofessional & tacky at best. You must have been paid off by Obama administration, to BRING HIM DOWN!

  • Chris Emrys - 4 years ago

    Lost a little respect for Fox News tonight.

    The questions were asked specifically to discredit and make a fool of Trump. Nothing worthwhile could be taken from those questions. It didn't work - just strengthened my resolve.

    What makes you think you can try trump cards when you're talking to Donald Trump?

  • Sue Fairchild - 4 years ago

    Donald Trump, showed himself for who he is....enough said!
    Ben Carson was great. Just wish they would have ask him more questions!
    Ted Cruse was good and Walker was pretty good. Liked some of Mike H. commits too.
    Jeb Bush and Cruse mentioned the e-card, dangerous concept! Look up New World Order and look for world ID system. BE CAREFUL, sounds good until you know what is going on.

  • Brian - 4 years ago

    Shame one you Faux News. Fir and balanced? Yah Right.

  • James Wallace - 4 years ago

    Polls will show the feeble attempt by Fox News to shamefully discredit and discontinue the rise of Donald Trump was a miserable fail. Trump supporters are making up their own minds, NOT being swayed by the shady acts of media. Fox News sold out.

  • Chris Emrys - 4 years ago

    A comment on a woman or two is a war on women? Who hasn't said something harsh to a woman or a man in their life? It doesn't mean that you have a grudge against the entire human race. What absurd thinking behind that question to Trump.

    Could Trump have done better? I think so. But I still like his style of "Yeah, I did (whatever thing mentioned)..what's your point?" Or maybe it's his lack of style I like.... Whatever it is: I prefer a rough straight talker to a polished politician. Now to see the details of his plans for America.

  • Elizabeth - 4 years ago

    Trump was set up on the first question. Not fair!
    Ben Carlson was fantastic along with Rubio.
    Tough choice to make.....need more debates.

  • Ron - 4 years ago

    The Trump show is starting to show cracks and has reached its peak. He is a great businessman, that's great. Obama was a great speaker, what has it got us lately? The country needs a true leader and states-person. Tonight's winners, Huckabee, Kasich, Fiorina

  • Jo Ellen Story - 4 years ago

    Trump was the loser, even the people who watched the debate and was for him , changed their minds about voting for him. Ben Carson, was not given a fair shake tonight. Fox did not give him the same amount of time, but he hit it out of the ball park. Be was the true winner. WinBenWin.

  • anonymous - 4 years ago

    Fox news was unfair to Donald Trump. Megan Kelly attacked him several times on issues that the other' s were spared. It appeared that Fox news purposely tried to destroy him. I was very disappointed in our "fair and balanced" team.

  • Jo Ellen Story - 4 years ago

    Trump was the loser, even the people who watched the debate and was for him , changed their minds about voting for him. Ben Carson, was not given a fair shake tonight. Fox did not give him the same amount of time, but he hit it out of the ball park. Be was the true winner. WinBenWin.

  • Cheryl Koonce - 4 years ago

    That debate was a farce, completely biased and was used as an attack on Donald Trump. I am disgusted with Fox News which showed clear favoritism towards one candidate. Any further debates need to be held on an unbiased channel with unbiased moderators!!

  • Jojo - 4 years ago

    I can't tell you how extremely disappointed I was in the moderators tonight...especially Ms Kelly....wow, super dissapoinrment....

    I have been a fan of hers until tonight. She came across very UN-LADY like....I will no longer tune in to her show....sorry.

    I think the moderators were more concerned about ratings.....
    And thereby created an divisive atmosphere. What happened to being fair and not being on the attack when acting as a moderator.

  • L - 4 years ago

    Trump all the way! They were unfair to him, for real.

  • DV - 4 years ago

    Trump overall. He comes across a bit rough, but he is honest and speaks the truth. I will say though, and this surprised me, Ben Carson really made an impression on me. If I had to decide today, it would be between the two of them.

  • Mark - 4 years ago

    Mt. Trump was set up by FOX news moderators. Every single question, from the very beginning was done solely to attack him, and put him on the defensive, or call him out for speaking his own mind. They threw Cruz, Bush and Christie layups knowing that those questions baited responses touting their achievements. I thought Carson did second best.

  • Nikita - 4 years ago

    I liked Trump and Rand. I voted Rand because I know trump probably got insane amount of votes.

    My personal opinion is that neo-cons and social conservatives need to take a back seat. We need to rebuild the economy and roll back military entanglements.

  • Val Venis - 4 years ago

    Trump was exposed as having ties to Hillary and he even admitted it, They are personal friends.

    He even admitted he's Anti Gun and Pro Choice and he doesn't consider himself a republican.

    He refused to admit that he himself filed for bankruptcy even though his businesses had over 5x and cost his investors BILLIONS.

    He's done, Rand Paul 2016 or Bust as Rubio and Cruz are both ineligible and Ben Carson took Koch Money, The only person who can win just like in 2012 last name ends with Paul, If you choose another you have chosen that the democrats will continue to hold power forever.

    This is the last chance for the Republican Party and yall are letting it goto a self proclaimed Anti Gun Pro Choice Pro Hillary Pro Bailout Pro Scamming candidate.

  • Pat Sullivan - 4 years ago

    Donald Trump was the only one who was completely honest from the 1st question which was designed to take him down, all the way through.

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