Who do you believe won the first GOP presidential debate?


  • Tamu Davenport - 9 years ago

    Whoever "updated" this need to look again. Dr. Ben Carson is solidly in the lead. Will remain in the lead. AND will be POTUS 2016.

  • Pharilda Galloway - 9 years ago

    Both Cruz and Rubio are eligible to run for president. I knew Rubio was (born in the U.S.) but I questioned Cruz' status a while ago and researched it. His mom was a U.S. citizen when he was born. That is all he needs. I question whether he would serve as VP for Trump but I am praying that Trump is not the Republican candidate. I doubt if I could vote for him but won't vote for Hillary either.

  • Jeff Wright - 9 years ago

    Birther Princess you lack of knowledge of the U.S. Constitution is staggering to say the least!

    Love how everyone is just falling at the feet of a man who supports Obama's amnesty plan for all 11 million illegals (2013 CPAC speech), supports a single-payer healthcare plan, has donated millions to ensure Reid, Pelosi, and Obama stayed in power as well as donated to Clintons. Don't find it a bit odd about multiple telephone calls between him and Clinton before he announced he was running (I'm sure they were just swapping stock tips), has declared bankruptcy FOUR times in the last 25 years (yeah, that's who needs to be running our economy)! Who has attacked every person who hasn't fawned over him (yeah, no thin skin there)! He's nothing more than today's P.T. Barnum.

    I'll stick with Carson/Cruz 2016, whether I can fill in their blank as the parties nominee or if I have to write them in.

  • elizabeth rohr - 9 years ago

    Love Trump, Cruz , Carson, on this debate. I don't care about "blunders" I care about substance. The others talked too much about their states. I didn't know anything about Kasich before and now I don't like him at all. I would like to several of them involved in cabinet positions, plus Fiorini. I see a TEAM of leaders that can work with each other to solve our problems, not a group of enemies.

  • Rachel Walker - 9 years ago

    I really believe that Ted Cruz is one that will not change his mind on the issues that we are facing in this country that the far left are trying to destroy. I am very proud of Trump coming forth to be a nominee for President because I do believe he does have the business like mind that it is going to take in order for our country to overcome all the issues that we are facing these days. I would be very proud to vote for Trump or Cruz for President. At this time I do believe that Mr. Trump is just not good on getting his point across and letting the country know his agenda. I don't care if he can get it across though. My question is, can he do the job needed. Will he not grand stand and hire the correct people for the jobs that are needed to clean up Washington. I believe he will and it isn't important if he can't tell the nation as to how he will do it as long as he will. We are in a real debt crisis but we are also facing some very evil people in the world. I believe Mr. Trump knows that. I pray that whomever is elected will not pump themselves up for publicity sake and just do the job needed. I do believe that Mr. Cruz is also very capable in handling the job as President. But here is what I believe needs to happen. Whoever is elected president, and I pray it be a true Republican, that they will hire some of the other candidates in order to take care of all the issues at hand. Many of the candidates have good ideas on certain issues. I believe that Huckabee's plan about cutting the entitlement and SS programs is excellent. Mr. Huckabee didn't get to explain his ideas completely. I understand what he did say though and he is right. Mr. Trump is right about immigration. Mr. Cruz is right about so many things. Look, we strong in value and good moral character Americans, are fed up with the PC politicians. It is time the Republican party come together with the great minds of those who are running for president , And please do not forget Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal! I know that all of the candidates want to be president but lets be honest, if your playing politics with people you are also playing with the very lives of people who are just about dying for something to be done to give them a break. I know my entire family is suffering and has been since 2008. It has been so hard and you would not believe the debt we all have. Not that we are frivolous spenders either. We are so tight with money that we make it look like we are well. I am disabled but I don't take a dime from no one. My husband does what he can to make ends meet and my children pitch in. We all pull together to make a system work that takes care of each other. No ones does without. We all may not have the finest of things but we al have what we need. We never go hungry and we count it all glory unto God and our Lord Jesus Christ because it is the Bible that is our "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth", (anagram) source. Mr. Carson is right about the tax issues and how to tax people. God said it and I believe it because since we been using the system as to how to handle such things God has blessed us and if He will do it for us, He will do it for anyone. Please Sirs, I beg you. Please work together and the majority of you dump those who are political rinos and stop the madness of crazy big government trying to destroy us with their wolf like agendas and personal gains. It has to stop. People are really suffering and the evil is running amuck and gaining for Satan every day. Please pull together and allow God back in this Country. Put a stop to all the killing of babies and the condoning of perversion. And I am sorry to let you know Mr. Kasich but if you even went to a gay wedding then you are condoning it. We can love people whom God has said that it is wrong for a man to lay with a man the way that he would a woman, not me. You can love your children when they are doing wrong but that doesn't mean that you accept what they do. You let them know of your disa

  • Birther Princess - 9 years ago

    ted cruz is not even eligible to be president. He's not a natural born Citizen. Crissakes he wasn't even born on American soil much less to American Citizen parents. Why isn't anyone talking about that?! Rubio, too, is a citizen but his parents were not. Both are eligible for the senate and house but not for president. Donald Trump IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

  • Nunya - 9 years ago


  • Dan Mihaliak - 9 years ago

    People are afraid of Donald Trump in the election that is why they are trying to do everything they can to bring him down.

  • Bunty Cantwell - 9 years ago

    I truly love Donald Trump and think he would be a great benefit to America as President but tonight Ted Cruz came across as Presidential, controlled, smart, and looked like the total package that a President needs to be. He is forthright without being insulting and you can see he totally loves America and believes in the values laid out by the Constitution.

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