Who do you think won the Fox News GOP debate?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Ju - 3 years ago

    I think Trump won because as usual he had about 6 to 1 people chewing on him and was still able to fend them off. When are the establishment and moderators going to understand that Trump is like a Super Hero, the more you bash him, the stronger he gets in every area. Was very disappointed in Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly, both trying their best to do a hatchet job on Trump, and once again he fought them off. The establishment needs to listen to the people, who are done with political correctness and politicians that pad their own pockets, not giving a hoot about doing what they promised us they would do. I wish the Republican Party would fold and Trump would lead a new party of the people. Wipe the slate clean, sent them all packing and start over with some people with conviction and courage.

  • gc - 4 years ago

    ted cruz is a US ATTY. Not even a private atty. but a US ATTY
    donald trump was pro TARP bailouts. PRO AUTO Bailouts and obamacares loudest cheerleaer.
    the only one who stood on principle and the constitution was rand paul.

  • Sovereign Mary - 4 years ago

    Out of all the candidates vying for the office of the POTUS in this debate the one and only one who stood up for and defended the U.S. Constitution and the necessity for constitutional adherence was the true constitutional defender Rand Paul. Rand Paul should have been greatly applauded by all the other candidates when he called out the constitution shredder Chris Christie.

  • sharon delisi - 4 years ago

    Megan Kelly didn't ask any question of importance,Iran,economy.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Fox News & Meygn Kelly were UNFAIR and BIASED in how they conducted the debate. Kelly & Fox tried to savagely obliterate Trump from the Republican field of candidates with the very first and second deadly questions of the night- a one two punch Trump held his ground extremely well. Trump is the winner of the debate and Fox and Kelly are the LOSERS. Kelly & Fox want to be the kingmaker and manipulate the debates to get the candidate THEY want to get the nomination. IT IS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO DECIDE WHO GETS THE NOMINATION- NOT FOX AND KELLY BY MANIPULATING THE DEBATES. Kelly needs to be banned from being moderator of future Republican debates. I always thought very well of her- no more- her performance was shameful.

  • Helen - 4 years ago

    It was a good debate, but I wanted to see more of the important issues that is facing our nation. The Iran Deal. Planned Parenthood, Defense of this nation is so important. The Kelly/Trump question and Wallace/Trump question took away from the other candidates . Too much publicity on the Kelly/Trump feud. It's over and it's time to move on to another debate ~ the next one should be focused on America's problems and not Donald Trump's problems. Ted Cruz was always on topic and what our problems are we need fixed. Hope to see more of Fox being fair and balanced.

  • Anita - 4 years ago

    Cruz has never wavered, never backs down. We need him to bring the fight to the dems. Cruz 2016 all the way!

  • Margarita - 4 years ago

    The presidential debate was poorly organized, biased and unfair. The questions were not what the country wants to hear.. Candidates did not have the same amount of time to show the best of them, some had more time than others. There were too many abnormal things in this debate which is a shame for the Fox network. Ted Cruz, who is my candidate, was ignored and the questions asked to him were not the most important for the people. I'm very upset with the 3 moderators and think they are not professional. If Fox will be offering another debate in the future, I hope they take the time to better choose the moderators!

  • Aaron Autry - 4 years ago

    Its no mystery that we need a straightforward, strong and brave candidate who has class and high intellect as well as competence, character and integrity. I don't need the media to tell me, including but not limited to Faux. Do your research. Don't just vote blindly based on what talk shows or news medias or fb admins tell you to. Use information from ever sourse of information and back it up with your own observations. Make you a sound conclusion and then vote. It should be Cruz. The only one who's done more in his first term to fight for the people diligently relentlessly and who already mentioned illegal immigration years before trump. He's very smart very patriotic loves our country loves the constitution loves our military and is the only one to have defeated both parties against all odds on a number of laws and bills. He's the only consistent conservative unwaivering courageous Godly man. He keeps his word and sticks to the grind of conintually fighting every single bill that was illegally signed into law. He's not just talking about abolishing obamacare and common core or fighting the ex-im he's not only fought for supporting the vets and active duty/reserves he's not only claimed to be a christian he's not only called out the liars and corruption in DC but he's done it all already and still is!! Where has the others been? Sitting pretty and twittling their thumbs!! He has a proven track record and he is transparent. Unlike Obama he hasn't sealed his background, because he's not ashamed and he's got nothing to hide. He's amazing in his attitude he's very classy very polite he doesn't slander his opponents he respects them as humans. But he points out and brings to light the truth. Even if the truth is ugly. I'm proud to be a Cruzer! Vote for Ted Cruz!! He's the only true grassroots presidential candidate and worthy of our votes!! Don't waste your time with all these fakes and half assers!

  • Sammy - 4 years ago

    IF you add Cruz at 34% to Trump at 30%, you can see that together they add up to 64%, and all the other candidates together cannot compete with them, even if they added all their votes together, they would still loose/ the other 8 don't appear to have a snowball's chance in hell.

  • John Kennedy - 4 years ago

    It looks like no matter how hard Faux Pushes to control voters, with brain laundering, they can't force conservatives to vote for leftist progressive sociaIist Bush, who would govern like our second worst president in 240 years: the "Great SociaIist Society," JBJ: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2013/02/15/jeb-bush-i-d-strive-to-be-like-lyndon-johnson-if-elected-president/

  • Ron Romines - 4 years ago

    Donald Trump lost me when he would not commit to support the Republican candidate. Instead he is going to take his ball and give the election to the Democrats just like Ross Perot did years ago.

  • Patti Laudan - 4 years ago

    Actually, my vote goes for Carly Fiorina.

  • Mark - 4 years ago

    Evidently a lot of people voting in this poll didn't really watch the debates since it shows Rand Paul in third place. I would have put him close to or in last place.

  • LouAnne White - 4 years ago

    I watched the debate last night not liking Trump at all. I still don't care for him. He's an arrogant bully. I don't think this is the kind of person we need as Commmander -in-Chief. However, he is absolutely correct in most of his views and stances. I think he is probably the most qualified to help our country gain control of the debt, for sure. This morning I have renewed interest in Huckabee as a candidate and I see more of his potential and ability to lead our country . I also continue to have every confidence in Dr. Ben Carson. There are a couple other candidates I am still interested in as well, and will continue to watch.

    The biggest disappointment for me last night was FOX NEWS and the moderators during the prime time debate. FOX NEWS was NOT FAIR and BALANCED in their debate last night! I expected so much more from them in being the hosts of this debate. I think the candidates themselves , as a whole, excluding Rand Paul., did an excellent job in trying to unify the party. FOX NEWS just seemed to want to divide.

  • 7 bunch - 4 years ago

    Trump was so disappointing last night.I went into the debate with him as my #1 and he managed to work his way off my list. He had nothing of significance or substance to say. Broken record. Maybe the rumors are true and he working for the Clinton's. Why would he pay to have her at his wedding if he doesn't like her? Doesn't add up. He's another Clinton plant.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    If the measure was the candidate's impact divided by the amount of time the candidate was given to speak, Ted Cruz would win in a landslide.

  • Betty - 4 years ago

    Rand Paul was like a two year old fighting with Trump who acted like a three year old...Mike Huckabee was surprisingly solid as was Carson!

  • Dunks - 4 years ago

    Actually it did. It asked who you thought won the debate. Rick Perry didn't participate through no fault of his own.

  • Melody Ross - 4 years ago

    WHERE ARE THE OTHER 7 ???? MEDIA DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST...Force feeding AMERICA !!!! RICK Perry has my vote. Oh, but wait , your poll didn't give me A TRUE OPTION !!!!

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