Poll: Do you think it’s fair to be arrested for DWI after having one drink?

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  • Sekond dui - 7 years ago

    Where shall I start. A DUI is the worst thing that could ever happen in a persons life. It's a life sentence. You are never going to pay your debt to society. Never. And if you have a family the death knoll rings for them too. In Ontario Canada it is a DUI at (0.8) which is the equivalent of 2 beers. There is no judicial process. There is no court of law, no judge or jury. You are automatically guilty. No chance of getting a trial either because every lawyer will advise you to plead guilty because if you have the audacity to plead not guilty your sentence will be much harsher because according to our "democratic" judicial system you are nothing but the scum of society who deserves to lose a lifetime of hard work as a law abiding citizen over 2 beers. Welcome to the machine. The money that is being made because of the DUI witch hunt is a disgrace.

    I am so hurt so demoralized humiliated and ashamed to say the least. I got my second DUI. 0.8 is the legal limit and mine was 0.9. I take full responsibility for my actions. But I have to say something before I bow out (I'd say gracefully but grace is not a term in my vocabulary anymore). This witch hunt has destroyed the whole family. You are guilty until proven innocent to a victimless crime. You may have never caused an accident but accordingly society has deemed you a filthy dirty drunk to which you will NEVER repay your debt to society. DUIs are big business. It's a machine that once you get into the system there is no way out. The point I suppose at one time was to rehabilitate the offender. But trust me it doesn't. You lose everything and so do your children. Without a license one cannot enjoy the civil liberties that everyone else is entitled to. And I don't mean myself. I don't care about me. I'm human garbage now right up there with Paul Bernardo. No wait....a murderer serves his time and walks out and DRIVES himself home. A DUI is there forever. I do not have access to health care for my children, no food, toilet paper, laundry soap, all sports activities, trips to the library, etc come to an end for the children of a DUI offender. They suffer the punishment of your crime. You have a criminal record so can never feel sand beneath your feet ever again and neither will your children. Because you are a criminal now. Cannot ever get a job, never afford insurance for a vehicle ever, life insurance is not applicable to you so you have nothing to leave those destroyed children. You can't tell anyone about it because a DUI ostracized you. You are not a part of society anymore. You become an agoraphobic and so do the children. Sending a mom to jail for 30 days teaches you absolutely nothing except the gravitous of what you've done to your children. The women in jail were almost all there for a DUI or driving with a suspended license while your children cry for you at home. What is the point of all this? Being a complete shut in and so are the children. Where is the incentive to change when there is nothing left for you. No matter what you do now your life is over. No future and no hope. The govt must put a stop to this. Cruel and unusual punishment for a crime that may have been committed. The punishment of innocent children does not fit the crime. I'm not advocating drinking and driving but if society was so concerned with the lives of others they would band together and insist a 0 BAC. No alcohol at at all. Then there is no guessing. But the govt can't do that because of all the money they are making off the backs of regular folk. Hope Justin Trudeau stops this insanity and absolute torture. His mother Margaret got a DUI in 2006 absolutely smashed by her own account. She got off with a reckless driving charge. What hurts the most is the absolute loss of dignity as a human being. Being at the mercy of others is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. You are reduced to a 12 year old begging your parents to drive you to the mall. Not to mention all the abused women who drank

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