Who should perform at the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show?


  • Samantha - 9 years ago


  • JJ - 9 years ago

    Eminem is the best pick Eminem

  • YOUR MOM - 9 years ago


  • Sandra - 9 years ago

    OR Or or...... Eminem

  • Sandra - 9 years ago

    PEOPLE WE NEED POP PUNK! NOFX!! GREEN DAY!! idk anymore some real music

  • Sandra - 9 years ago


  • Sandra - 9 years ago

    omg this super bowl halftime is gonna be lame af if someone like taylor swift, one direction, or justin bieber performs. People we need Queen or Metallica combined with somone else. Or we should have Snoop Dogg with Ice Cube, Jay-Z, maybe Fetty Wap he good. Or SPM omg !!!!

  • Jalyn - 9 years ago

    Drake or future

  • Jalyn - 9 years ago

    Fuck one direction

  • alexis - 9 years ago

    one direction fucking sucks no one would even want to go to the Super Bowl if they were performing I mean how many football fans like one direction and all the teen boys none of them

  • jim - 9 years ago


  • Shrek - 9 years ago

    Of course we can't have a class act, like rush or Metallica, because the rest of the youth care too much about how pretty the god damned singer looks.

  • Cindy - 9 years ago

    NOOOOOOOOO TAYLOR SWIFT. Don't ruin the day, damn she would have a song about it the next day! Her Glory Days are gone.
    Tough choice;
    Katy again with Pink!
    100% Adam Levine or Bon Jovi.
    But I would love to see the Beibs along with one direction, hottest acts around right now.
    Adele best singer in world BUT not American.
    Rhi singing national anthem

  • Tommy - 9 years ago


  • Alexander - 9 years ago

    BEYONCÉ AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron - 9 years ago

    Fuck it because why not let's have an Audioslave reunion show at Super Bowl 50

  • GIO - 9 years ago

    Lady Gaga is a great performer too :)

  • Ariana - 9 years ago

    One direction or Christian music or Demi lovato or Taylor swift

  • Andrew - 9 years ago

    Acdc would be the best choice hands down!

  • Noah - 9 years ago

    I say Maroon 5, California based and always have a hit on the charts. But if it was up to me I'd say Maroon 5 or Ed Sheeran!!!!!!!!! 2 of my FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :):):):):) Go Hawks! I want a Seahawks and Titans Super Bowl and for Ed Sheeran or Maroon 5 to play halftime!!!!!!! Or sing the national anthem! 100%. $$$$

  • MetallicaorGnR - 9 years ago

    I dont understand why Metallica hasn't done it yet. Might just be to "edgy" for the normal folk. GnR would be awesome too.

  • Denise - 9 years ago

    This is a new poll. What happened to the poll from earlier in the year which had Queen and Adam Lambert in the lead by far.

  • Aaron - 9 years ago

    Train because they are the newer generation music and also they are from San Fran. It would be kinda dumb if they weren't they are always top on the charts!

  • Justin - 9 years ago

    Give it to Metallica it is in there hometown
    Let the Masters of Puppets play halftime

  • Ariana - 9 years ago

    I want Demi lovato one direction or Taylor swift to perform

  • Katha - 9 years ago

    Why not Katy again?

  • Karina - 9 years ago

    This is the 50th half time show, it's one of the most important events of all year. Because this there needs to be a legendary singer/band to perform. One of which have a lot of knowledge and experience and music and will show what a performance really is. Like Madonna or Michael Jackson...etc. This cannot be performed by some person that has not been in the music industry for such short time. We need the people that know what it is to throw an amazing show, otherwise this will be a shitty 50th anniversary.

  • Ashley - 9 years ago

    May the best singer perform.

  • Kiara - 9 years ago

    ONE DIRECTION should TOTALLY be on the Super Bowl halftime show

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    what about a tribute to our military!

  • invisable__person - 9 years ago

    I think florence + the machine should preform at the super bowl its the best band in my opinion and i think that the super bowl needs to get an alternitive rock band for once. EVERYONE VOTE FOR FLORENCE + THE MACHINE!!!!!!!

  • Jackson - 9 years ago

    I love Sia too. She's awesome! I say vote for her people!!!

  • awesomesauce - 9 years ago

    I think it should be another artist that's not on the list........
    SIA!!! She's an amazing singer and if she performs at the super bowl, then she'll be 10x more famous than she is right now. Love Sia!!!

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    Muse would put on a better show than all these bands put together. They would literally have drones flying around the stadium.

  • steph treaster - 9 years ago

    hell no no one direction no justin bieber we need florida georgia line hunter hayes toby keith some one country r rock n roll like moterhead ac/dc ozzy osbourne

  • Eileen R - 9 years ago

    If Ed Sheeran can fill Wembley Stadium for three nights with over 80,000 each night, he should be Super Bowl half-time worthy. He's cool!

  • QUEEN - 9 years ago

    Queen slays everyone else on this poll how do they only have 9%

  • Caro - 9 years ago

    Come on, let's see AC/DC.

  • Rocknrollforever - 9 years ago

    I think we should see the reunion of the original Guns N Roses line-up reunite for the first time during the Super Bowl 50 half time show! It would probably be the most historical half time show yet! It would already be musically historical for the line up to get together anyways but to have it on the 50th super bowl would be like 10 times better! Slash as already been part of a half time show so at least there's already been history of a member performing. Enough of these bs shows. The last good one was when The Who played.

  • 1Dtosuperbowl - 9 years ago

    If you want a band that has been top touring artist two years in a row, a band that has had at least four nr. 1 albums (something NO OTHER band in music history has ever accomplished, not even the Beatles), a band that has preformed in front of 7.5 million people worldwide so far, a band that has sold more than 50 million records and has achieved a total of 91 number ones, where their current single Drag me down had a record breaking 4.5 million streams in less than 24h with out any promo, a band winning awards like The Brits global success award two years in a row and an AMA for Artist of the year, and the prestigious magazine the Rolling Stone previously commented that One direction is a band you have to experience live, and the fact that they have achieved something that takes a lot of artists their whole careers to achieve in only five years is incredible. I don't think you understand how many millions of more people you will have watching the show, One direction is in fact the biggest band in the world with the most devoted fan base and they deserve this so much more than a lot of other artists or bands.

  • Ann - 9 years ago

    Cher or Lady Gaga would be a good choice. I want to see dancing, lights, state of the art video displays.

  • Tadhg o connor - 9 years ago

    IF TAYLOR SWIFT PREFORMS THIS SUPERBOWL 2016 I WONT BE WATCHING ...it's getting repetitive ...time for Rock music to get a chance again ....I say
    or Metallica

  • Destiny - 9 years ago

    OK, so first of all, I strongly believe that Super Bowl 50 is going to be huge and Taylor Swift should definitely perform. She is amazing and appeals to many people INTERNTIONALLY! We don't want Metallica or AC/DC or KISS or anything like that because to be honest it doesn't appeal to young people and this is and family friendly type of thing.
    Taylor Swift has went from country to pop in a flash. She has hit the top charts since she started. She started at 15 and has been successful to this day at 25. She is a professional and has been topping charts for decades.

  • Jason Johnson - 9 years ago

    I think they should use North Forsyth High School of GA marching band

  • Chuck - 9 years ago

    This halftime show needs a big and powerful band like AC/DC

  • Morgan - 9 years ago

    Beyoncé was phenomenal!!!! If you can get anyone to do a performance as half as good as hers, good luck because so far it hasn't happened.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    The legendary ms Britney Spears

  • Patty b - 9 years ago

    It's about time that a Christian singer, group, or soloist perform.

  • Earl - 9 years ago

    This needs to be Metallica, couple reasons. People r tired of the same boring bands every year. This is Super Bowl 50!!! Let's make it electric Metallica concerts now r for all ages, they r from San Fransisco even thou Hetfield is a raiders fan it's ok..there music is played all the time in stadiums during games bout we have them for a a half time show what better to have them for SB 50 in the Bay Area come on guys please vote for Metallica!!! It will be well worth it

  • mr.noitall - 9 years ago


  • LB - 9 years ago

    Fall Out Boy would be so great at the halftime show. Their sound is amazing, it's powerful, and it would totally be perfect for the Super Bowl. They're amazingly talented and overall they'd be awesome.

  • Kelso - 9 years ago


  • Sonya - 9 years ago

    If JT did a show it would epic. Imagine Justin Timberlake with the Tennessee Kids, NSYNC Hopefully (with maybe 1D for all those kiddos and a last performance before the big break) also Jay Z, Timberland, Snoop Dogg and Charle Wilson. It would blow all of our minds out of the water so many different possibilities for an awesome show as along as JT is front and center!!!!.... Just Sayin!

  • Ivan - 9 years ago

    WE WANT METALLICA !!!!!!!!!!!!
    F' One Direction!
    One direction will have your ratings go down

  • Jessica - 9 years ago

    ONE DIRECTION They have a smashing new hit album out Nov 13 and great song choices for halftime like No Control, Brest Song Ever, Drag Me Down, Midnight Memories and maybe another hit from MADE IN THE A.M. (ETC). their song "FIREPROOF" (for all those 80's fans of music), this song has that vibe!! THERE BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD- i know its a different time of the bands but still. the beatles were great. JUSTIN BIEBER screwed up his chance and life and wont bring in an audience NFL 50th SUPERBOWL HALFTIME-SHOW FEB 7th 2016 @ LEVIS STADIUM CA that there looking for. THEY WANT RECORD BREAKING AND ONE DIRECTION AND DIRECTIONERS CAN PROOVE NFL THEY MADE A GOOD CHOICE they have energy.
    ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla - 9 years ago

    ONE DIRECTION!!!! I love them so much!!! This is the perfect way to say a final goodbye to fans before they go on their break!!!

  • Jill - 9 years ago

    Taylor Swift. It'll be the perfect way to end her 1989 tour. Besides, there's no one more deserving. She wins almost EVERY award she is nominated for. And who doesn't love Style, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, and Shake it Off? I love all her songs, but those are the most popular. She has sold so many albums in the first week of them being out. And besides, who writes a novel at age 12? Taylor Swift. Taylor is the most deserving person if you ask me. Much better than 1D and Justin Bieber. Let's all be glad Miley Cyrus isn't performing.

  • Mr Confess - 9 years ago

    Eeeh, vote for who you like, 1D will just win anyway because there's so many godamn 1D fangirls out there.

  • Mr Confess - 9 years ago

    It's all elevator music except Queen.
    I think it should be any real rock band with balls, so I'll go for Quene since they are the best artist on the list. Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Another One Bites The Dust, Liar, Spread Your Wings, We Will Rock You and many more miracles.

  • søph - 9 years ago

    twenty øne piløts please and thanks

  • Alived - 9 years ago

    WAIT!!! where are Cher, is incredible...Cher is a great artists...CHER FOR THAT SHOW IN 2016.

  • Victoria Guerrero - 9 years ago

    How About Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!!! I mean they've been in the music scene for as long as I could remember and they're just super AMAZING and put on the BEST shows!

  • The Farsight - 9 years ago

    How about one of the best selling tours of 2015, owners of the 2nd best selling album of all time, and some of the most overplayed riffs on rock radio? I'm talking of course, about the band that opened the Grammy awards last year, has just as much stage energy as they did 20 years ago, and has the typical football fan as THEIR typical fan?



  • matches - 9 years ago

    only real musicians on this list are queen and bon jovi the rest only wish they were musicians

  • Asima - 9 years ago

    One Direction should perform

  • jamesc - 9 years ago

    Queen+Adam Lamber by far. It's kind of offensive seeing them with Taylor Swift, Rihanna and One Direction because in my opinion they are in an entirely different league in terms of musical talent.

  • Arturo Facundo - 9 years ago


  • Zach Mullins - 9 years ago

    I think that the Foo Fighters or the Zac Brown Band should perform. I just went to the Foo Fighters almost a month ago in August and without a doubt THE BEST concert I have ever been to in my life. I have also seen Zac Brown in fact i saw them on Sunday when they performed up here in Noblesville, IN and they were amazing a very close second place to the Foo Fighters as one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I think either band would be perfect for Superbowl 50.

  • Ryan - 9 years ago

    Sooo sick of these bubblegum pop groups. The mighty metallica, foo fighters, avenged7x, .. any yone would do

  • Tyler Hammonds - 9 years ago

    Metallica hands down. It'll be the 30th anniversary of Master of Puppets, one of the band's best albums. And enough of this mainstream pop crap, METALLICA ALL THE WAY!

  • Andy - 9 years ago


  • Jimmie Baker - 9 years ago

    I think with an anniversary this big, there should be some blast-from-the-past performers there. Bon Jovi, Queen, etc.

  • John - 9 years ago

    People that are in to football don't listen to 1D or any of these choices Metallica is from the Bay Area and have been killing it for over 30 years they're not the flavor of the month.

  • Liz Clements - 9 years ago

    Up With People!!! Also celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    Garth Brooks! He's the best!!!

  • Karl - 9 years ago

    I am so tired of all this hip hop and contemporary whatever music you call it these days. It sucks! It is not music! When was the last time a country music artist did the halftime show? Never??? Garth Brooks is on his comeback tour this year, and would be the prime candidate for an awesome show with a little bit of class, which is what has been lacking for so many years! Get on board Super Bowl committee! It has to be GARTH BROOKS this year!!!

  • JordanJ - 9 years ago

    Noooooo One direction, Red Hot Chilli Peppers or U2 will be great

  • Chris Cloet - 9 years ago

    Up With People did 4 great halftime performances already, this year is our 50th anniversary. Let's celebrate all together !!

  • Theresa materi - 9 years ago

    Needs to be Bruno Mars! He was the Best! Hr Totally rocked that stage and the Crowd!

  • Leo - 9 years ago

    LADY GAGA! It's time for the best halftime show.

  • Melanie - 9 years ago

    Maroon 5... They deserve it.

  • Pat - 9 years ago

    No pop stars please nothing against them but want to see a change something more electric etc. rock, metal, heavy metal let's blow the roof off the place please ask metallica or anything like that

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    Rihanna a good performer why not her

  • Julian - 9 years ago

    Is this an official vote? Who ever wins performs in Super Bowl?!

  • Louis - 9 years ago

    Britney Spears. She's been killing it lately! I see the spark in her eyes, her red carpet appearances have been on point, and she's coming out with new music. One direction is alright but it's too teeny bopper and early in their careers to be at the super bowl.

  • amber - 9 years ago

    Rock or country..... As In like Luke Bryan, Jason aldean, Blake Shelton, Metallica, linkin park , avenge seven fold.... Ya know something good!

  • Amber - 9 years ago

    All of these options suck!!!

  • Shelley - 9 years ago

    Chris brown

  • Tweety42 - 9 years ago

    DEAD 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD DEADHEADS!
    Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara...
    where the Dead just played for their 50th
    Come on do something cool, hip, and different.

  • Jesse evans - 9 years ago

    grateful dead

  • bri - 9 years ago

    Seriously nobody knows grateful dead or whatever. Or mettalica? OLDIES. We dont know them why do you think they aren't on the list?ONE DIRECTION ONE DIRECTION!!!PS. ANY HATERS WERE CLEARLY THROWN AT THE WALL AS A BABY. Ive heard these rock bands they suck:)

  • fuck every hater of 1D - 9 years ago


  • Meredith Barbieri - 9 years ago

    The Grateful Dead is the obvious choice for this venue and for this time in their 50 year career. NONE of the other artists in this list will be playing for 71,000+ crowds in 50 years.

  • awmama - 9 years ago

    The Grateful Dead! They only turn 50 once!!! They'll steal the faces right off the world!

  • Brad - 9 years ago

    Go with the hometown heroes. The Grateful Dead (band that played the Fare The Well Shows).

    The excitement would be incredible and the buzz will be incredible.

    It's the perfect situation for this 50th anniversary, the peak of the post Jerry popularity and they're the best band to ever come out of San Francisco.

  • Lori - 9 years ago

    Grateful Dead, this is the last chance for America's All Time Fav!

  • William Summers - 9 years ago

    Grateful Dead. 50 yrs and 50 yrs. And its almost their hometown.

  • William Summers - 9 years ago

    Grateful Dead. 50 yrs and 50 yrs. And its almost their hometown.

  • Weak Sauce - 9 years ago

    The list is weak sauce..any non American group or artist is an automatic NO! It's the 5058th so the performer(s) should be historic...Metallica, Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson...etc...not those pop tarts...egads make it stop!

  • Deadhead Bill - 9 years ago

    THE GRATEFUL DEAD(Dead & Company)!!!

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