Do you think climate change is responsible for an increase in severe weather?


  • Leigh - 9 years ago

    Seems that the readers of this site are a lot smarter than the average CBC one.

  • Doug - 9 years ago

    Weather runs in cycles. Man is NOT responsible for the weather.

  • Tyler Nielsen - 9 years ago

    How can people NOT tell the main reason for climate change is deliberate Geoengineering. Those "Chemtrails", as in mettalic based particulates sprayed in aerosol form from planes that reflect some of the sun's rays, and do much, MUCH more... Or do people think California, the producer of almost 95 PERCENT OF THE CONTINENTS FOOD being in this long of a drought is NORMAL?!! I find it "funny" how problems like this or the LITERAL POISONING OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN DUE TO THE FUKUSHIMA DISASTER THAT HAS BEEN PUMPING NUCLEAR WASTE INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT SINCE MARCH 2011 are never discussed on mainstream media but Bruce Jenner turning into a female is, guess an individual's sex change is more important to the health of our world and the advancement of our societies... Whoever is reading this, realize this, almost every aspect of our materialistic life is a sophisticated form of mind control to keep us numb and occupied from the world's true problems and to not create critical thinkers. And those who are truly concerned about our planet are never spotlighted and find it extremely difficult to connect with others and express their opinion(s), thought Democracy meant "people able to have input and able to run in the affairs of society". We have drifted so far and now we're all lost and confused, which is what the elite of this world wanted so we're easily controlled, I live here but this planet is NOT MY HOME. Sad, infuriating days indeed.. -TN

  • Don - 9 years ago

    1930-1938 the weather was much harsher. To short of a history to make a statement of climate change, and one bad year after ten good years does not signifie a long term change

  • butch skulsky - 9 years ago

    This is a poorly framed question because the only answer for the question is Yes!
    This is why you see an effective 50:50 split.
    But the question Global is trying to ask is "is man responsible for the increase in severe weather?
    If this is the true question to answer, then the science says "No."
    The media needs to understand the science first if they want proper answers to these type of questions.

  • Jesse - 9 years ago

    Ever hear of El Nino?

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