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  • Diana Cservak - 4 years ago

    Leave the husk on, cook in the microwave for 2 minutes; perfect.

  • r - 4 years ago

    Buy whole ears. Carefully peel back green leaves. Remove as much as the yellow stringy stuff that you can. Put leaves back up the whole cob and tie with string. Put all ears under water for 30 minutes. Have grill heated. Grill them, turning now and then until they are done done done. Then do whatever.

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    Husk, dip in water, wrap in foil while wet, grill. Butter, salt, pepper.....heaven.

  • Jerry Darrow - 4 years ago

    Take the ear, remove the husk, wrap the ear in a paper towel, wrap it good...wet it, squeeze out the excess water, place on a microwave plate, cook 2 min. in microwave...remove...be extra careful not to burn your self...presto!! The corn is cooked....add 1 1/2 min. for each additional ear.

  • Pauline - 4 years ago

    (Remove husks either at the grocery store or outside once at home, not in your kitchen. Then you won't get the mess in kitchen )

    Boil or cook on grill, use mayo instead of butter. The good mayo like Hellmans . Even use mayo and sprinkle on grated parm cheese.

    You will probably never want to go back to using butter after eating it this way.

  • Jimmy O'Cighian - 4 years ago

    I season it, wrap it up in foil and put it near the engine block on my vintage Corvette. Go for a nice long drive and it comes out awesome.

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