Is enough being done to address illegal dumping? (Poll Closed)

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  • Cil blas - 6 years ago

    I have been back on island since 1999. Nothing has been done on illegal dumping. There is no signs out there that says: "$1,000 fine for littering." I am praying that the leaders of this island will come forth and make it law and put the signs out there. Just like spitting "pugua." Why not a sign all over the island "$1,000 fine for littering." and enforce the law like everything else. There are signs out there about no alcohol zone. We have the "Castle Doctrine Laws" and school kids having to wear uniforms. Why not keep out island clean and enforce the No Littering laws. Thank you.

  • Roy Evans - 6 years ago

    Making $8.25 is not enough to keep food on a table and pay the other extreme costs of living on Guam. Pay for rice on the table or trash fees? What gives? Simple fix to this problem ? Reopen the village transfer stations. Those that are registered at the Mayors office and are on public assistance their fee is waived. If above the threshold of median income you pay the tipping fee. Now i know why the Hawaiians call Guam the "ghetto of the Pacific"

  • Christina - 6 years ago

    Ghura requires receipts from GWA and GPA but does not require trash receipts. Why? Majority of the violators are on public assistance. There is an empty lot behind my house that is being used as an illegal dump. I reported to EPA and the Dededo Mayor's Office but my complaint has fallen on deaf ears. Although the Mayor did take action the first time I reported it, this time no action has been taken. What's bad about it, is that there are witnesses but they are ignoring it.

  • Henry - 6 years ago

    trash fee's are fine, but when it started to increase rapidly you end up with this illegal dumping, and there out not enough employee's at DPW to have them stroll around to catch these people doing this. I think this is only done at night time hours, and DPW don't have people out there at night to moinitor and catch these people. Just saying.

  • Islander 2 - 6 years ago

    Gov Guam doesn't care about the illegal trash dump sites , GVB doesn't care about the trashed beaches except for their backyard ypao beach park. Gov Guam's priorities is to concentrate funds towards payroll and retro , off-island trips and celebrations . GVB's priorities are to fund parties , marathon's , off-island trips and concerts . Keeping our parks and beaches clean ? they will point the finger to Dept of Parks and Rec for that except for Ypao beach, Matapand beach park looks like crap ! Do they care ? Nope . Gov Guam's motto on illegal trash site's is "out of site , out of mind" . Marijuana is more important to them , charging $500 an ounce to cancer patients is more important to them , charging a $35 thousand fee to grow your own medicine at home is what they are trying to take from people who are ill , sick and even dying . Their priorities are whack ! All they have flowing in their empty heads is money , money and how can they get more money. Gov Guam /GVB = greed , nepotism , overpaid and underworked , uneducated decisions, parties and just maybe a little bit of actual public service . All on tax payer's dime . Got to love it !

  • Jennifer Cruz - 6 years ago

    Nothing is being done. Our island is turning into a dump itself. It's hard to try and pick up others' trash at public areas, beaches, even in secluded areas coz it'll forever keep piling up. And even if I do so, I have to pay out of pocket to throw them. Cost of monthly trash collection keeps increasing, and the more it does, the more trash you see everywhere. It's hard nowadays esp with the cost of living here on island. High officials don't give a shit but making these shitty ass laws so they can sit on their asses, keep collecting into their pockets and not do shit about our island falling apart. What is the point of the $25 fee when registering a car or trash monthly fee when it doesn't do anything? I'm glad to say, choosing not to vote was a wise choice. Can't trust nobody any more.

  • Thomas J Hertslet - 6 years ago

    We need better management with GEPA. They have the tool, the revolving recycling fund. They should use it for the intended purpose and not for financing non available fund trips as admonished by the Public Auditor. Educate the public that there is no need to spoil our beautiful island with litter. Every time we register a car $ 25.00 goes into.the fund. The majors receive an annual amount to arrange for proper disposal for received disposable items.
    My suggestion: GEPA do your proper job administering the fund and if you are unable to do so, turn back the administration to DPW.

  • Ray taimanglo - 6 years ago

    Need tougher fines, more cameras, investigators, and publicity on violators. Need to give real examples to those thinking of dumping trash and junk.

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