How many emails will Rod get about Bernie Sanders this week?

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  • writerchick4 - 7 years ago

    I voted for three or more but I hope I'm wrong and Rod doesn't receive any Bernie emails this week.

    I also voted in the earlier poll that the Bernie stans were annoying but weren't going to sway my decision to vote or not to vote for him. That is when I thought they were slightly reasonable and would soon get tired of repeating themselves. Now I see that the overwhelming majority of Bernie stans are privileged stalkers with the misguided notion that it is their duty to 'educate' anyone who disagrees with Bernie's agenda. Not only is this insulting, but their repeated actions have so turned me off from anything having to do with Bernie Sanders campaign.

    I don't know how the two of you deal with all of this so I made a donation (under my government name) and I hope that the next time you two go to the movies you can at least upgrade your regular sized popcorn to a large and a soda and forget this foolishness if only for a while.

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