Who would you vote for today?


  • Kay - 8 years ago

    after reading that article this morning about CRUZ and his wife....I had a huge change of mind....I will not be voting for him and I don't even want him as VP......

  • Russell Davis - 8 years ago

    Oh they all have very good points - Yeah God did make them. They are also flawed humans.
    Cruz sounds good but has integrity problems - Also not a natural born citizen - Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS .
    Trump sounds are full of ear candy but mean nothing. Trump has no integrity problem because he has no integrity about anything except what he wants - a terrible infant grown old & baldish comb-over. Yep, Trump is soon to be yesterday's news.
    Rick Perry is the NWO waterboy for Bush.
    Mark Rubio is all about keeping the price of drugs so high that the market is worth killing for.
    Ben Carson is a good man except that his urge to heal has become poisoned with an urge to rule.
    Carly Fiorina is a good CEO but want to run the USA like the Ottoman Empire.
    There are others too.
    But then there is Rand Paul - a man tested and after my own heart.
    Yeah he was smart enough to know Fox/Megan's invitation was set up for a mugging. He felt like throwing up and rightly so. But he held back when he could have thrown up on Megan. Among many animals projectile vomit is a very effective way of discouraging predators.
    Rand Paul still has much to learn from his animal instincts.
    Paul probably would work best in a team context though - US Presidents have to do that you know.

  • Shirley nolen - 8 years ago

    Cruz is my choice but would vote for Trump if he's nominated.

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