Can you lick your foot?

  • izzy likes poo - 2 years ago

    did she get a wart on her tongue - my brother would like me to lick his verruca but i don't want a wart on my tongue?

  • Sarah Hird - 4 years ago

    I am almost 47 and I can do that- It depends on how flexible one kids all bite their toenails!

  • Rick Baartman - 5 years ago

    I can. But I cannot put my foot behind my head; I could when I was 20.

  • Pam K - 5 years ago

    I keep saying I'm going to start doing yoga, and now that I know I'm in the non-licking minority, I'm really motivated to start!

  • Pat Pinder - 5 years ago

    Honestly ... if I tried to lick my feet, my leg would snap in at least four places !!! I envy your suppleness.

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