Partners in Crime
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  • Fred Windberg - 6 years ago

    Mediocre at best…Agatha Christie must be turning over in her grave…if the BBC wants to supplant ITV for Agatha Christie Mysteries this is a poor way to start...Campy is one thing, but poorly done is another…Check out the 1983 version which starred James Warwick and Francesca Annis…There was also a previous Agatha Christie book adaptation of “Why Didn't They Ask Evans?” televised in 1980 with Warwick and Annis playing Tommy and Tuppence style characters…both different styles of presentation, but well done…I’ve been watching British Mystery TV since the late 1970’s when it was televised on U.S. Public Television…the BBC is certainly can do better than this, but ITV will be hard to beat…

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