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Which Season 11 Food Network Star Finalist Do You Want To Win The Competition? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 2,378

  • Jane Byram - 9 years ago

    What a joke, we all knew who would win from the beginning, FN doesn't have enough people of color so we knew Eddie would win. I really don't care about color but I hate to see anyone overlooked when they were the clear audience favorite. Let's just hope that you gain more viewers with your choice than you loose by ignoring the audience choice. As for me, I haven't decided, I was a loyal viewer bought your products and those of your advertisers, but I'm not sure I will continue to do so. You obviously don't care about the audience and their opinions so I'm thinking my loyalty has been misplaced. Maybe I'll start watching the diy network

  • irene Duke - 9 years ago

    I cannot ever remember missing a FOOD NETWORK show, but since you have had Giada DeLaurentis and the sleezy outfits she wears I will no longer be a part of your TV audience. She is an absolute disgrace,I have a young grand-daughter that watched the show all of the time,but,we or her parents will not allow it anymore. WHAT is wrong with FOX NETWORK to let this go on?? She is a Disgrace and does your show no justice at all.

    I know I will never get a reply to this, but,oh well, Thanks for reading it anyway.

    Irene Duke

  • Carl - 9 years ago

    Dom! You have worked harder and achieved more than anyone else. I am so proud of you and would definitely watch you shows. You will be total perfection once you master the camera. The way you redeemed crumbly pasta dough back to perfection was a great example of teaching people how to cook. You will be a great asset to Food Network.

  • Jill Whittaker - 9 years ago

    Dom's Little Italy, Big Taste is definitely the way to go.
    Charming Underdog, Comeback Prince, Italian Delights.
    What's not to like.
    Fried Food by a Fay Cajun is not appealing,
    New Black BBQ is a stereotype that shouldn't be repeated.

  • Michael Stephens - 9 years ago

    I have so enjoyed Dom from the very beginning. He is clearly the best Chef in the competition and he has improved his presentations more than anyone. I love his accent and he is an absolute expert when it comes to Italian food! He is so cool!!!

  • anon - 9 years ago

    This poll needs a none of the above choice because all three of these guys suck.

  • Cici - 9 years ago

    I think Eddie will be the winner this year! He's relaitable to the sport enthusiast particularly football, the younger crowd of watchers, and he's charsmatic. It shows in his conversation and on the television screen. I know America favors football and to have an ex football player on the show he'll show us some great Super Bowl dishes for the football season! Can't wait to see him win!

  • Madison - 9 years ago

    Rooting for Jay to win! He is the most talented and it comes it him so natural, he was born for this!

  • Jan Rogers - 9 years ago

    Go Dom! Italian food is popular and can be healthy, too. I don't watch barbecue or fried food shows. Same ol' same ol' except Grilling with Bobby Flay. He looks great and his take is always healthy and spicy, my favorites, Giada also has a healthy take on Italian food. As a nurse, I cannot endorse more unhealthy choices of food network programming, no matter how charming. I think people will embrace a show that has restaurants that have been around for years. They still cook the way our parents and grandparents cooked, I.e., REAL food

  • Prh - 9 years ago

    Love Dom as well, he has the ability to learn how to be the on-air personality we love to watch, Eddie would be great as well.

  • PJ - 9 years ago

    I love Dom! So glad he won Star Salvation and gets to film a pilot- I love the idea of going to Family owned businesses and hearing all the history- he is very engaging when he gets his nerves under control-I think Eddie and Jay are both likable - just feel like it would be the same thing every episode- Dom's charm and personality would keep me tuning in every week- Go Dom!

  • Cathy Rawlins - 9 years ago

    As much as I like Jay, I think that Fried Food America is taking FN in a bad direction. He is overweight and plugging fried foods seems like a waste of his talents. Teach Southern people how to make your delicious Cajun and southern foods with lower calories as we watch you lose weight and I'll be a believer.

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