If you have children, do you expect that they will take care of you as you age?

  • matlock.c - 3 years ago

    Because, I live along now and I was without out a car for a whole year and felt lost (I was blessed I have had my own car since 1968, Last time I took public transportation, it was when I got my first job and everyone wanted to work Downtown where all the best thing for young adults wanted to be. We had trains going to the center of the city Restruants, Clubs Happy Hours and the best shopping place before Malls..

    I have start looking into living in ranch style or any Independent living that also have Assting living and cleaning if needed, transportation if needed and an dinner for meals if needed. Just maybe I can live there for every..... This will set my Children Free......

  • Pennyroyal - 5 years ago

    My mother is 91 and has drained and alienated her 5 remaining adult children. Caring for her is exhausting due to her sense of entitlement, her narcissism, her demands, constant negativity, etc. etc. For years I hated how she would play each of us against the other. I worked as a hospice chaplain for 6 years and saw close and loving families and elder parents who were cherished. I've seen the whole continuum and now that our mother is just out of rehab, we see her negativity blossom again. She's determined that the end of her life will be all misery and doesn't see that is what she is creating--for herself and all of us. It's so sad but I when she dies, I'll be glad. We'll be free.

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